Another werewolf or human quiz!

Welcome to my quiz! My third quiz! So do you wana know what werewolf you are take this werewolf or human quiz now! This will give you all the anwsers! So enjoy!

So did you get the result of a werewolf!? If so cool! If not sorry but before you give me attitude try looking at YouTube for spells! I created my own spell book with em! Well anyways have fun!

Created by: Kitten tamer
  1. My third quiz.... Oh sorry! Ok 1. Do you feel in the need to howl?
  2. 2. Do you ever walk into the woods and chase a rabbit?
  3. Have you seen a ballon float but come down again? Ok ok ok :p here is the real question do you love meat?
  4. Which is your fav?
  5. Are you usually resstless?
  6. Do you like vampires?
  7. What describes you best?
  8. Would you rather be in a cave or in bed?
  9. Ok will you commet?
  10. Wait!!!! Bonus do you feel werewolf wild beast like at times?
  11. Ok well thanks for takeing my third quiz! Bye!

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