Who are you in my world

READ THIS BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!!!i forgot to put what kind of creators they are.Carolines a vampire,Rebeccas a human, Jades a werewolf,Christians a human, and Ash is a vampire. sorry i forgot.

Which one of the characters i made up are you? take this quiz to find out.BTW this quiz took me forever to make so dont be a hater.:) O_o XD sdfgtyuisdfghj

Created by: Bri
  1. Whats you fave color (sorry had to be asked)
  2. If your loved one was in pain what would you do?
  3. You forgot to do your homework that was due today what do you do
  4. You wake up one morning and you figure out your a vampire what do you do?
  5. My quiz is going to become more of a fantisy now ok?
  6. you figure out your bf/gf is your kind's enemy what do you do
  7. You wake up one day with blood coming from you mouth what is your reaction?
  8. Your friend and your soul mate are both hanging off a cliff. Who do you save?
  9. did you like my quiz?(no effect)
  10. Will you comment?(no effect either)

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Quiz topic: Who am I in my world