Another crazy adventure/love story (part 3)

Part 3, okay you know the drill guys, there is Connor, James, Matt and Taylor, and you are about to meet some more guys... some of them are EVIL! (Surely I've got to 150 now?)

At the end of the last part you had just been ambushed and hit on the head and plunged into unconsciousness. This is a really long one because I was bored, but I will try to make the next one shorter. Please comment and tell me whether you like it or not, because otherwise I'm just wasting my time and won't bother going on :P OK, here goes, onto question 1.

Created by: Innominate
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  1. You slowly regain consciousness. Your head is aching like crazy and there is a damp, musty smell. You open your eyes. You are lying on a narrow bench in a small, dirty one-room hut.
  2. You are about to sit up when you hear someone laughing evilly right by your head. You look up and see a man with long (well, shoulder-length) black hair, eyes so dark they look black, a hooked noise and a swarthy complexion. You notice he is wearing a strange costume, composed mainly of black and gold, with long leather boots. He holds a pistol negligently in one hand. In fact, he looks rather like your idea of an English highwayman from a couple of centuries ago. He looks down and laughs again. 'So you've woken up, my sweet?' he asks, mockingly.
  3. Before you have time to give any of the clever, witty, or intelligent replies you're thinking of, he gasps and bends over you so his face is a few inches from yours. 'I know you,', he mutters. 'I know your face, your eyes, you hair... ***' he flings over to the door of the hut (which is incidentally about 1 pace away!) and looks out. Then he closes the door softly. 'So,' he drawls, 'I brought you here to kill you. Yes, there's no need to look so alarmed, you didn't think I'd keep you for your sweet pretty self did you?' He laughs again, and continues 'No I'm not that much of a fool. You see, my sweet' He bends over you again, still smiling, but menacingly, 'Dead men don't talk. Or dead girls either. Hahaha!' He cackles evilly, and you remember what Kismet told you (if you don't then go back and read part 2), and realise he is one of THEM, whoever THEY are. Mustering your energies, you decide not to give in without a fight. 'Then, w-why didn't you kill me in the first place?' you enquire, raising yourself to a sitting up position, as you don't really like him bending over you like that. 'To find out what YOU know, of course!' he says, sounding genuinely surprised. 'But - but, I don't know anything!' you cry. 'Oh yes you do. You can tell me all about your clan, about Connor and Kismet and that boy who comes and goes, oh yes, you look surprised, but I know all about them, you see.' 'Well, it's more than I do!' you say crossly. 'I'd never met them until today, when I was kidnapped by them. Or is it yesterday?' 'Yesterday...' he replies thoughtfully, and then gazes into your eyes. 'I think you're telling the truth' he says suddenly. 'Of course I am!' you reply indignantly. 'In THAT case... You will join us. Yes, you're much too pretty to wander about alone. No, I shall look after you,' he says in anything but reassuring tones, collapsing with evil laughter on the bench. Despite your uneasiness, you detect through his cackles a sound far away something like a raven. Your heart jumps, as the sound is repeated much closer to. You glance at your companion, nervously, but he was obviously too busy laughing to hear.
  4. 'Well, my pretty little girl' he begins. He takes you roughly in his arms and you smell the unpleasant scent of stale clothes and liquor. His face leers a few inches over you. Suddenly the sneering, triumphant expression vanishes. 'But i know you, I know your face...' he mutters. For a few seconds he stares at you intently, and all you hear is heavy breathing. Out of the corner of your eye, you see the door slowly opening. Suddenly recognition flashes into your captor's eyes. He yells 'You evil liar! You witch, I'll kill you now! You deceived me, and your life is forfeit!' He snatches up a long knife from the bench, and aims it at your heart, still laughing. But an arm appears and jerks him backwards, the knife landing on the floor with a clatter.
  5. Your captor is pinned against the wall by Connor and James. You feel someone's arms about you. '___', Taylor whispers, carrying you out of the hut. You realise your arms are round him and your face buried in his neck. '___, I was so worried about you', he whispers. Kismet's voice interrupts 'Is she all right, Taylor?' Taylor puts you down, and, looking round you see that it is early morning, and there are three ponies waiting, as well as a tall black horse (he is strangely wearing a saddle and bridle). Kismet is standing by them. She grins at you. 'I'm OK I think', you reply. 'Then let's get going', she says. Taylor lifts you up onto Posy, who is looking very ashamed. As you all start to trot down the hill, you say nervously 'Look, I'm really sorry about, um, well, getting kidnapped -', but Taylor cuts you off. 'Don't be so silly, of course it's not your fault. It's that idiot Posy if anyone, going to sleep when she should have been watching for you.' Then he adds 'But actually, they were so busy kidnapping you, they completely missed the ponies. All the stuff is safe now.' You open your mouth to say 'What stuff?' but Taylor suddenly exclaims 'Kismet, you've never brought Euan's horse!' You realise she is astride the black horse you noticed. 'Why not? All is fair in love and war,' she quotes. 'All the same, you're right, Connor might not see it that way. I think I'll go on ahead, and tell Matt we found ___.' As she canters away, you enquire 'By the way, how did you find me?' 'That was easy', he laughs. 'Posy came back to the house a few hours ago. She followed you up to the hut when Euan's men took you there, but then she'd been tracked by another of his men and had a hard job getting away. She led us straight here.' He continues 'Actually though, it really wasn't a very bright place to take you! It's an old shooting hut, but the walkers use it now, and anyone might have come in.' You shudder. 'I think he was planning on killing me before that happened.' 'Killing you! So he knew too...' Taylor ponders for a minute and then says 'You know, ___, I was a fool to have brought you here in the first place.'
  6. You scowl at Taylor. 'What is it you aren't telling me?' you ask. 'A lot of things', a voice behind replies. You turn (nearly falling off Posy in the process) to see James coming up behind you. He laughs and catches you, giving you a hug before replacing you on Posy's back. 'We've missed you, ___' he says, kissing you.
  7. 'Yes but PLEASE tell me,' you beg, 'What is it that made him decide to kill me? And why don't you want to tell me?' They both look slightly awkward and exchange glances. You are really annoyed and contemplate
  8. At that moment however you are joined by Connor. He looks stern and forbidding. Taylor enquires doubtfully 'Er, what did you do with Euan?' 'Oh, I didn't kill him if that's what you mean.', Connor smiles wryly. 'Though it would have been my right', he adds bitterly. 'What did you do then?', you ask, curiosity getting the better of you. He glances at you. 'I took him back to his dirty little hole in the ground to think over his sins for a few hours,' he replies furiously. You are slightly alarmed as he is obviously furious about something. Then his expression softens slightly, and he adds 'Oh, he won't die. His men always check up on all the old mine shafts and levels, just in case any of US are hiding there. As though we didn't have better places!' You nod. Although you are if anything more confused than before. At this point you come to a broad track that runs along side a beck (James tells you that is the dialect word for a stream). You all turn right along the track, and trot along in silence for a bit. 'Look, Connor,', you say, 'Can't you tell me what all this is about?' He looks at you with a forbidding expression. You continue, quite boldly, considering his expression, 'I do think I have a right to know, considering you've basically kidnapped me, and I've nearly died when I could have been sitting in my hotel right now, having a breakfast of
  9. You look crossly at Connor. Suddenly he half-smiles (well, the nearest you've ever seen him get to a smile). 'OK, you have a right to know', he agrees. 'But wait until we get back to the house. I don't want those foul dogs listening.' You carry on for what seems like an hour along this track. You are so sleepy and every bone in your body aches, and you feel really jolted from riding without a saddle. You are fighting to stop your eyelids closing when Taylor's voice says '___, wake up! We're home.' A slow, calm voice with a Cumbrian accent says 'Ee, poor lass, she's tired out. I'll take her in and pop her on't bed, and do you put yon kettle on for a cup o' tea, Mister Taylor.' You open your eyes to see a strong-looking guy with light brown wind-blown hair and clear blue eyes. He lifts you up as if you weigh about 6 ounces and carries you into a white house bearing the sign 'Skiddaw House Youth Hostel'. There he carries you into a small room and lays you down gently on the bed. 'Now then, lass, you just rest a wee bit, and one of yon lads will wake you when't tea's brewed.' (me: you have to read him with a Cumbrian accent, or it doesn't sound right. Sorry, my representation of the accent's not very good, so please don't leave nasty comments about it, I'm doing my best.) You thank him sleepily, and he replies 'Ee, that's all right lass, or Miss ___, I should say.' 'You don't have to call me Miss!' you laugh. 'But how did you know my name?' 'Mister Connor was telling me last night, when he came back in a rare taking aboot summat again. But as for calling you Miss ___, nay, you'd better be asking Mister Connor about that.' He shakes his head sadly and leaves the room.
  10. Your eyes are just closing, as Matt comes in with a cup of tea. He puts it down on a table and comes over to give you a hug. 'I'm so glad you're all right', he says. 'I was really worried about you.' You hold onto his hand (if you wouldn't actually do that, too bad), and he looks at you anxiously. 'You've got a massive bruise on your head,', he tells you. 'I'll get Connor to come, he has healing powers. In the mean time, you'd better drink this. Okay, I know you'd prefer coffee' he says before you have time to 'but Jake thinks tea the only beverage at all times. He's crazy, but then so are all his sort. Anyway, there's no coffee in the house at the moment I'm afraid!'
  11. 'No, not crazy,' Connor says. You look up to see him standing in the doorway. He comes over to you. 'He is a typical Cumbrian shepherd lad, and he spends most of the day looking after his sheep down on his farm or up here on the fells with them. He's not one of us, but he helps us, and he's a good lad.' Matt shrugs. 'Connor, stop lecturing me! You need to heal ___, she's got a massive bruise on her head.' You scowl and hope it doesn't detract from your radiant beauty. Matt leaves the room softly, and Connor comes over and takes out some ointments and stuff from one of his pockets. 'I'm afraid this will hurt a bit.' You feel his cool hands touch your hot forehead, as he anoints itwith some cream. It's so painful you can't help whimpering slightly (sorry, but you do!). Finally he is finished but he stays holding your head in his hands and gazing intently into your eyes. His mysterious green eyes hold yours, until your eyes start to swim with tears. '___' he says, not affectionately but in a strange, distant voice. You see the doorknob turn. So does he. He stands up and turns away. Taylor is looking in. 'We need to speak to you, Connor,' he says. Taylor looks at you, and is about to come in when Connor leaves the room, shutting the door behind them. You fall into a deep sleep.
  12. You wake to see the afternoon sun streaming in; it is a lovely day and a pity it's now about 3 o'clock. You realise you're still wearing yesterday's clothes, and are just beginning to feel annoyed and to debate whether to ask one of the guys if you can borrow some clothes, when you notice your suitcase on the floor by your bed. You hop out and select your outfit:
  13. Then you go down the corridor to the bathroom and have a shower and change into your new outfit. Then you tentatively open the door of the kitchen/common room (yeah, this is a youth hostel, not a hotel, ok?) and go in. All the guys are there: Connor, James, Matt, Taylor and a guy you are introduced to as Ian. He just sits staring moodily at the floor. 'Ian's got problems', Matt mutters to you, grinnning. 'What problems?' 'Oh, just the usual... Well, actually Ian has special problems. You see, he's in love with Rose.' 'Rose?' you query. 'Oh, of course, you haven't met her. You will do, she lives here and prepares the meals and stuff. She's actually an orphan who Kismet found a few years ago, so we basically adopted her. Anyway, Ian likes her.' 'Do you like her?' you ask, trying not to sound jealous. 'She's OK', he replies unenthusiastically. 'But she's just a kid. Ian shouldn't really have fallen for her. It makes things awkward.' 'Look,' you say 'Just tell me, WHY AM I HERE?'
  14. All the guys look round as you raise your voice. Then James laughs. He brings you a plate of food and puts it in front of you. 'Eat that first, then we can talk. I'll bet your pretty hungry!' You thank him, and dig in, but say 'It's no good trying to distract me, just tell me. Please.' You look at him with your best pleading look. (you: i don't have one. me: tough). He looks at Connor, but Connor is staring out of the window moodily. James sighs. 'OK then, but it's a long story.' 'Go on then,' you say. 'I love stories.'(you: oh no i don't! Me: skip to Q 19 then. You won't know what's going on, but too bad.) James begins 'All of us here, excepting you and Taylor, belong to a clan that's been living in hiding in these fells for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years. Our ancestors went into hiding during all the battles and feuds there have been round here, and they just - well - stayed there. We live in the caves.' He smiles at your horrified expression. 'But we five (counting Ian and Kismet), and a couple of other guys you will meet later, and Taylor when he's here, also live in this house. Because our clan has to live, so we need food, so we need a job.' He pauses. 'Only our job, is, well, slightly unusual.' James looks at you slightly uncertainly, unsure how you'll take it. 'We're basically what you might call smugglers - land smugglers, that is.'
  15. He laughs at your startled expression. 'We take anything, goods, letters, documents, food for our own people and others, and even horses - like that white one Kismet was riding. That's just come from Ireland, and she's going to pass it onto a horse owner we know. He's a guy who doesn't ask too many questions!' 'So where do I come into all this?', you ask. 'Hang on!' he says. 'There is another clan, who are essentially criminals and outlaws. They went into hiding much more recently, generally because there was a price on their heads! They used to roam the country, but when the mines became disused they made their homes there. They don't know about the caves; the mines are a completely different system and much more recent, and the caves go back centuries.' He stops and looks round, so Matt continues: 'You want to know why we kidnapped you?' You nod. 'You know Taylor's been coming here every holiday from five years ago. That's because his great-grandmother was one of us. She didn't like living here, so she left and married an American tourist. Then, when she died, she told Taylor and asked him to help us.' 'But what's this got to do with me?', you say impatiently. Connor turns round at that, and looks directly at you. 'You are the same', he says slowly. 'Mattt recognised your face when he met you down in the village. James recognised it too. So I sent Kismet to kidnap you. If she hadn't messed it up and given you too small a dose of the sleeping potion, you wouldn't have woken up until we'd got you safely here. And Euan would never have known about you. But that can't be helped now. You are identical to a picture that we - I - have been carrying around since I was an infant.' He snaps open a locket that is round his neck, and leans forward to show you the miniature portrait inside. You gasp. It looks exactly like your own face.
  16. Connor snaps the locket shut again and replaces it round his neck. 'I don't know how you are related to her, nor does it matter especially. The fact is that maybe a hundred years ago, our leader died, leaving only a daughter. Of course, she was a girl so she couldn't be a new leader, but she brought the clan luck.' 'Or so they say,' Taylor mutters. You know he doesn't think much of superstition. Connor goes on as if he hadn't heard. 'She disappeared. Maybe she was kidnapped, or maybe she just went. They called her our 'princess', but her picture is all we have left of her - until you came along.' 'Cool,' you say. 'So that's why Euan wanted to kill me?' Matt laughs. 'Yes, despite seeming so brutal, he's actually terribly afraid of charms and things. He's scared to death of Kismet because she's got powers. He's not even sure he dares to kill her! But my guess is that you've got powers, too, and he wanted to kill you before you found out.' 'Okay...' you say. 'Seems like it's a bit dangerous for me.' Connor gets up suddenly and leaves the room. 'What's the matter with him?' you ask. There's a sudden silence. Then Ian looks up. 'Two things,' he says slowly. Taylor jumps up. 'Shut up!' 'I want to know,' you say jumping up crossly too. Taylor looks at you for a bit. You see the concern in his face. 'It doesn't matter...' He puts his arm round you and sits you back down on the same chair as him.
  17. Connor come back into the room and heads across it to go outside. You remember something. 'If your leader died, there must be a new one now. Who is it?' 'It was a long time ago -', Matt starts to say hastily, but Connor interrupts him. His eyes blazing with fury, he covers the room in three strides and grips your wrists painfully, forcing your head back. 'It's me,' he hisses. 'Me' You struggle with fear and anger. Taylor grabs Connor from behind. 'What do you think you're d-' he begins when there is a crash from the window behind. Splinters of glass fall into the room. 'Yes, you' says a voice menacingly. 'But not for long', and you feel one bony hand grab your neck from behind, as another hand points a knife at Connor's heart.
  18. So, are you coming back for part 3? Will you comment to tell me whether I should bother going on with these quizzes?
  19. Sorry this was not meant to be a question!!! How do i delete questions?

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