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Welcome to my second quiz series! This quiz story is about the end of the world. You’ve managed to survive through it so far but your family…well... That’s about all I’m telling. :P But you will meet new allies and foes. Thanks for reading ^__^

Welcome to my second quiz series! This quiz story is about the end of the world. You happened to survive through it all but your family…well... That’s about all I’m telling. :P But you will meet new allies and foes. Thanks for reading ^__^

Created by: MysteriousEntity

  1. Destruction. That’s all I see around me. My neighborhood, or what’s left of it, is still burning. I can see a huge puff of smoke surrounding New York from afar. “________ come inside before one of those creatures get you!” my mom called me inside. I walk inside to watch TV and sit beside my little brother who’s been crying his poor eyes out. I comfort him as I turn on the news. “BREAKING NEWS: ARMAGEDDON HAS BEGUN” the headline reads on the television screen. “Many people are dying while trying to survive. Who is behind all of this? Who can stop –“the reporter stops in mid-sentence. I kept looking at the screen to see why she stopped and all of a sudden her head falls off! A hooded figure holding a bloody samurai sword was standing behind her. “KEEP THE CAMARA ON!” it says. “This is a message to those who are still alive. If you want to live, follow my orders. There is a concentration camp that we are running. Everyone will be brought to this concentration camp to work for our king. Whoever ignores this order will die immediately.” The hooded person cuts the camera off. All I could do was stare at the TV screen while holding my little brother, Jake, who was still crying. My dad was holding my mom as she cried. I began to tear up until I saw lights flashing and heard knocks on the door.
  2. “OPEN THE DOOR! WE ARE HERE TO TAKE YOU TO CAMP” The person on the other side says. “________ take your brother down to the basement.” My mom orders me. “But—‘’ I try to refuse. “NOW!” my dad says. I led my brother to the dark basement and try to get him to stop crying. I sit here trying to calm my little brother down. And then I start to hear people being thrown against the wall and what sounds like furniture being thrown around. It stops all of a sudden. It’s really quiet and I get up to check everything out. “Listen to me Jake; you have to stay strong ok.” I tell him. “But I can’t ________. It happened so fast. I want mommy.” He says clutching to my arm. “Wait right here. I will be right back.” I say. “With mom and dad?” he asks me. “I hope so.”
  3. I walk up the basement stairs tightly gripping Jake’s baseball bat as I tip toe through the hallway. I peek at the living room and my whole body freezes. I see my parents lying on the ground side by side. There is blood surrounding them. I kneel down near them and shake my mom furiously. “MOM, DAD WAKE UP PLEASE!” they both open their eyes slightly. “Sweetheart, promise to take care of your brother…” they both lay there – dead. Jake runs up to our mother’s body. “Jake I told you to stay downstairs!” I say, not meaning to sound harsh. He began crying. “Are they…dead?” he asks me. “Yes…” I comfort him as we cry together.
  4. All of a sudden someone grabs my arm. And they’re holding me tight. “Let me go you b------!” I yell. “Hold on sweetheart.” I hear the guy’s voice behind me. When I look at my brother, I see the hooded figure. “Well, what do we have here?” its voice sounded more blurry and deeper on the news. It takes off its hood and I find out IT is a SHE! She had long black hair that almost looks dark purple and violet eyes to match. She looks cold and heartless. “Take the boy to the helicopter and leave this peasant with her dead parents.” “Who the hell are you? You are not taking my brother away from me you sadistic b****!” I yell at her. She slaps me hard but that doesn’t stop me from fighting to get loose. “You think you’re so strong do you. We’ll see about that! Take her to the coliseum.” I manage to get loose and lung at her but I got knocked out by a blunt object.
  5. ~Zeke’s POV~ They’ve been planning this for a long time. I never knew this world would end so quickly. My father’s name is King Eden but he’s been held captive in a secret prison in the Underworld. My mother is now married to King Slacier who betrayed my Dad. I’m from the world Edenia but we came to Earth to conquer it and make everyone our slaves. I’m against all of this. Those poor people are suffering while my kingdom takes over. I have to examine the coliseum today. So many people don’t know what they’re up against. When they go to the coliseum…they never return…
  6. ~Back to Your POV~ When I woke up, I feel the cold hard ground. It’s so dark in here and there’s only one source of light coming through the barred window. I look out the window and see a huge field surrounded by people. “This must be the coliseum.” I say to myself. “It is.” I turn around and see a guy about my age with dirty blonde hair and earthy green eyes. “Hi my name is Aiden. What’s yours?” he says. “_________.” I reply realizing I wasn’t alone. All of a sudden, I began to throw a bunch of questions at him. “What’s in the coliseum? Why did they choose us? How long have you been in this prison?” “Slow down. I haven’t been here since yesterday, I don’t know why they chose us to be here, and the coliseum is where we have to face the Black Crow.
  7. “What’s the Black Crow?” I ask. “See for yourself.” He nods at the small window. I look through the window and see a humongous black crow eating three people. “WE HAVE TO FIGHT THAT THING!” I scream. I feel my whole body freezing up. “I know. I won’t let you face it alone. I can volunteer myself to fight it with you.” He says generously. “Thanks. This doesn’t make me feel any better though. What’s our plan? How can we kill it?” I ask nervously. “We can’t kill it. But we can escape from it.” He says. Two guards walk up to the cell. “Okay you two. It’s your turn.” Guard #1 laughed devilishly. Guard #2 grabbed my arm while the other one had Aiden. I struggled a little but Guard #1 slapped me clear across my face. “HEY! DON’T TOUCH HER!!” Aiden defended me. Guard #2 punched him in the stomach. They dragged us to the middle of the coliseum as people cheered and applaud. We are surrounded by the ‘other’ people. I don’t know where they came from but they’re not from Earth. Most of them look like monsters. Three thrones are placed in the crowd but I only see one person sitting there. A guy my age with short black hair and gray eyes. He must be the cause of all this. He looks worried though. “____________, pay attention. Here it comes.” Aiden says. Everything is starting to get cloudy in my head and I’m tearing up. “_____________, WATCH OUT!” Aiden jumps in my way as the chained Black Crow lunges its wings.
  8. The Crow whacks Aiden out of the way. “What is it doing?!??!” A guard says. “It wants the girl!” Another guard says. I run as the Crow follows behind. “AIDEN!!!” I scream. But Aiden is knocked out in a corner. “Damn.” I say frustrated. I keep looking around and I finally stop. “What’s the point?” I say to myself. “I’m never gonna find Jake, my parents are dead, and this is just a complete waste of breath.” I fall to my knees as everyone gasps. “SHE’S GIVING UP!” Everyone starts to laugh. I let out an agonizing scream and everyone goes silent. I look up and see another huge bird swooping down. It looks like a phoenix. It raises its claws at the black crow and breaks its chains. The crow flies away intimidated. It lands and walks towards me. He looks kind, almost shy. It signals me to climb on its back. “Should I move on? Is it even worth living?” I think to myself. “YES!” I say. I was about to climb on the phoenix’s back but then I looked over at Aiden. I run up to him and shake him furiously. “Aiden, WAKE UP! WE GOT A RIDE!” Aiden’s eyes slowly open. “Come on. Let’s go!” I say excitedly. Aiden struggle to get up and I helped him on the Phoenix’s back. “They’re getting away. Stop them!” A guard says. I look at the thrones and see the grey eyed boy raising his hand. The guards stop and just stand there. Did he order them to stop? We made a connection as our eyes meet. He nodded and smiled at me and I gave him a disgusted look and climbed the phoenix. The phoenix let out its cry and flapped its wings as we escaped.
  9. I wake up and feel air hitting my face. My pillow fills soft and feathery. I then realize I’m still on the phoenix! His red and gold feathers are very comfortable. Aiden is lying down behind me. He still looks like he’s in pain. Poor guy. We start to land on white sand. “Where did you take us?” I ask the phoenix. He looks at a big beach house along the sand. “I’m going to go check it out. Can you look after Aiden while I’m gone?” I ask the phoenix. He nods and I pet him. I walk up to the large beach house and take a big breath. The house looks abandoned and dark on the outside. I walk on the porch and ring the doorbell. I hear footsteps walking towards the door and someone opens it.
  10. A girl with short brown hair and light blue eyes smiled at me. “Hi, you must be __________. I’m Juniper.” She seems nice. “Why don’t you come in?” She welcomed me in. I walk inside. The beach house is beautiful and very well lit compared to the outside. “Wait, I have someone with me. He’s hurt.” I say not forgetting about Aiden. “Okay, don’t worry. Blair! Vincent! She’s here and she bought company!” What did Juniper mean by “she’s here”? Two guys walk up to me. One guy looks about my age with brown hair and brown eyes. His face is lit up when he sees me. “Hi, I’m Blair!” he says. The other guy looks a year or two older than me and has medium length black hair and amber eyes. He has a serious look on his face until he saw me. His face softens up a little and then it became serious again. “And this is Vincent.” Juniper says. He nods at you. “Guys, why don’t you help ___________’s friend and Fayne.” Juniper says. “Who’s Fayne?” I ask. “She’s our phoenix. She flew you over here.” She says. “Oh, so Fayne is a girl.” I say. Vincent and Blair carried Aiden to the living room couch. I feel something licking my hand and when I look down, I see Fayne. “How did you get so small?” I ask. “She can change her size. She’s from our world Edenia of course.” I jump back a little. “Wait! You’re one of them?!!?!? You took my brother away from me!” I yelled. “Calm down. We are the rebels. We don’t follow the King’s orders.” Juniper says while trying to calm me down. “How can I trust you?” I ask. “Clearly, you’ve already have. Don’t worry. We are on your side.” Juniper says.
  11. “How did you guys know I was coming?” I ask. “The prince of Edenia told us you were coming. He’s the leader of this rebellion.” Juniper says. “You should have seen him in the coliseum. Right?” “So that’s why he let me go.” I say. But can I trust him?
  12. “I have another question.” I say. “What’s on your mind?” Juniper asks. “Why did you guys save me?” “Now that’s a long story…It all started when…” Juniper began explaining.
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!! I’m glad you took the time to read my second quiz series. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Annihilation! Also, check out my other series Supernatural: Eerie Beginnings. Thanks ^___^

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