Animal science!

There's lots of animals smarts out there, but few true scientists. That's pretty good, (being a scientist). A scientist is very smart there really good at solving problems.

Are YOU a animal scientist take this quiz to find out well what you waiting for? Press the darn button and start the quiz. Find out in just a few minutes!!


  1. Do all birds fly?
  2. Are mammals cold or warm blooded
  3. Do scientists use Owl pellets for tools?
  4. Plants are living, are they considered animals?
  5. How many legs are on the animal with the most legs
  6. What is the oldest animal?
  7. Is a reptile warm blooded
  8. Does a duck hunt?
  9. Do you have cold blood
  10. Are you an amphibian?
  11. How long is an average North Amarican dog live
  12. How long does a dog year accumulate to.

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