Could you pass 6th grade Science?

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There are many, many people who are good at science, but very, very few people are truly great at science. What is science? Science is the study of the world around us.

Are you good at science? Or are you great at science? Could you pass 6th grade science? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this quiz, qith just a few simple, easy questions you could finally know!

Created by: hannah3858

  1. The planet that is tipped on its side?
  2. The planet often called the morning star?
  3. The planet which appears to be a beautiful royal blue?
  4. The ''red planet''?
  5. The planet closest to the sun?
  6. I was America's first man in space!
  7. I developed the reflecting telscope!
  8. Light travels at ? miles per hour.
  9. The first artificial object in space?
  10. The high point of a wave?
  11. The low point of a wave?
  12. Whatever carries a wave?

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