?Do You Know Science?

There are many genius people , but just a few are science geniuses. Genius is a quite lovely gift. What is a science genius? A science genius is a person who really knows a lot about science.

I wonder if your a science genius? Do you think you have a lot of science in your brain to go to the Olympics Of Science? Right now you should be wondering. But thanks to this quiz you can find out in just minutes.

Created by: Kirsten Cox of The life of Maggie
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  1. Lizards belong to which animal group?
  2. H2O is the chemical formula of:
  3. The nucleus of an atom consists of:
  4. The third planet from the sun is:
  5. Entomology is the scientific study of:
  6. The green pigment found in plants that performs photosynthesis is:
  7. An android is a robot that:
  8. A proton has what electrical charge?
  9. How many legs do insects have?
  10. The ozone layer protects us from too much:
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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