Science Matter in Motion

There are many smart people, but few true science whizzes. Whizzes is, after all, quite exceptional. What is a whizz? A whizz is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind,and is able to solve complex problems.

Are YOU a science whiz? Do you have that kind of science brainpower to qualify for that title? Until now you can only wonder. But in just a few minutes you'll find out!

Created by: Anonymous
  1. What is a reference point?
  2. What is the equation for speed?
  3. What is the equation for velocity?
  4. What is resultant velocity?
  5. What is the equation for acceleration?
  6. Which increases speed?
  7. What decreases speed?
  8. What type of acceleration goes in circular motion?
  9. What is a force and what is it measured in?
  10. What is a net force?
  11. Net force unbalanced?
  12. net force balanced?
  13. What is friction?
  14. how would you NOT increase friction?
  15. How could you NOT decrease friction?
  16. What are the four types of friction?
  17. What is gravity?
  18. Law of Universal Gravitation, who created it?
  19. Which is not part of the Law of Universal Gravitation?
  20. What is weight?
  21. Which is false?

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