How well do you know classical music?

There are many smart classical whizzes. BUT... Are YOU smart enough to prove that you are w one of these classical music whizzes? Take this quiz and find out!

Are you good at classical music? Do have the brain power of Albert Einstein to prove that you are as smart as he? In just a few minutes (after this quiz) you will find out!

Created by: Tom
  1. What is a fugue?
  2. How many sharps does B major have in its key signature?
  3. Fill in the blank: Beethoven's 6th symphony is nicknamed the "________" symphony.
  4. Who organized mozart's music?
  5. True or false: Bach wrote a cantata about peanuts.
  6. Who wrote the andante spianato et grande polonaise Brilliante in Eb?
  7. The famous nocturnes by Chopin are ranked the (blank) most populously played piano pieces?
  8. Why did Mozart write eine kleine nacht muzic?
  9. True or false: Beethoven was deaf at the pinnacle of his career
  10. Can plants grow faster if they listen to Bach constantly?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know classical music?