Science wiz, are you an einstein?

Do you know enough about pollution and its effects? enough to pass our science test at the end of the pollution unit? find out after you take this quiz!

So, are you ready for the test, or do you need more studying? i suggest you look at those science books and get ready for the best, good-difficulty quiz ever!

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  1. What is pollution??
  2. Is pollution harmful?
  3. Can polluted water sometimes look like clean water?
  4. Is polluted water safe to swim or surf in?
  5. pH pop quiz question: what pH number is neutral?
  6. Is pollution caused by humans?
  7. Does pollution effect us in other ways than limiting our useful water?
  8. How can pollution harm us OTHER THAN MAKING OUR WATER HARMFUL & USELESS?!
  9. Can pollution destroy all our water, and leave us with nothing to drink?

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Quiz topic: Science wiz, am I an einstein?