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Animal Jam is an online educational multiplayer game for children. It has over 16 million players, and I am one of them. There is lots of content - games, parties, adventures, trading and more!

How much do you know about this popular game? Do you know the truth beyond its myths? Test yourself with this hard quiz. But please don't cheat! Enough with the talk and start the quiz!

Created by: Angora AJ

  1. Which shop can you access on any land adventure?
  2. Which is beta?
  3. One of the Paint Studio set colors was deleted. Which one? Hint: It is a rainbow color.
  4. The Arctic Wolf was the ____ animal to enter Jamaa.
  5. The AJ medical center used to be in the...
  6. What is the cheapest item you can still buy in Animal Jam?
  7. Animal Jam was created on what date?
  8. Which of these animals could NOT be gotten by redeeming a gift card?
  9. How many adventures are there in Jamaa as of June 2015?
  10. How many are in Adventure Base Camps?
  11. How many AJ animals are member?
  12. True or False? Worns, Bows, and Fox Hats can be gained in Return of the Phantoms Hard Mode.
  13. True or False? Skullies can still be gained when playing the Forgotten Desert.
  14. At first, you could get pets using a...
  15. At the Play-as-your-Pet and Pets Only Party, your pet can get exclusive ______ in the Pet Stop.
  16. Answering this correctly will help you not get scammed. Is a black Turquoise Ring glitched?
  17. At first, the parasol cost..
  18. Now the Parasol costs...
  19. What do Ocean-Only animals do if they are put to sleep in an ocean adventure?
  20. Last question. Is AJ closing down in 2016?

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