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Hello :) Ves here, and I've combined two popular tests: the personality test and the Animal Jam test! Based off of how you play the virtual game Animal Jam, as well as other things, your personality will fall under one of the 6 profiles, one for each alpha. These are called Profiles Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Alpha-3, Beta-1, Beta-2, and Beta-3. Someone with an Alpha Profile is someone who is one of the major figures of the group, while someone with a Beta Profile is a bit more independent and unorthodox. There will be a total of 16 multiple-choice questions that you will hopefully enjoy answering.

I understand that people of different ages might take this test, so if you ever come across a word you're unfamiliar with, please look it up on our dear friend Google because I wouldn't want you to be confused over it. Each profile corresponds with one of the 6 main Animal Jam alphas, Liza, Cosmo, Sir Gilbert, Greely, Peck, and Graham. (I didn't include Tavie because she's a little too obscure of a character, if you get what I mean.) Please have fun taking this test and learning about your profile. Good luck! :)

Created by: Vespertine4ngel

  1. Firstly, what do you usually do after school? (Not in a creepy way of course...)
  2. All right, next; do you have a specific hobby/interest?
  3. Here's a simpler question: How do you greet your friend/someone you know?
  4. Slightly similar to question 3, how do you interact with people you don't know, around the same age as you?
  5. Moving on to question 5... If you were to describe yourself in one word, what word would that be?
  6. If your friend was to describe you in one word, what word would that be? (I recommend that you actually get a friend to select a word, but if that might prove inconvenient then just select the most probable answer.)
  7. What do you like to do most on Animal Jam?
  8. What is your main look on Animal Jam? (If none of them describe your look, just select the most similar or appealing one to you.)
  9. What is your main way to obtain items/rares?
  10. What is your method of trading?
  11. Now for some lovely hypothetical situations! Suppose you are in the middle of a trade, adventure, or masterpiece, and suddenly, the game starts to lag. The lag gets so terrible that the screen starts freezing every now and then. Now it's still frozen after a minute of waiting, and you know that in trading, the other person is waiting; in an adventure, you need to complete the task; in a masterpiece, the art is unfinished. How would you react?
  12. Suppose you are trading with another jammer in your den. They accept your undertrade, and you are surprised but very happy with the deal. Immediately after the trade, however, they say, "Wait! The game accepted it for me, can we please trade back?" What is your response?
  13. All right, no more hypothetical situations. (Aww!) Which of these slogans would you want to print on a banner to hang in your den?
  14. Which face do you identify with the most?
  15. Can you kiss your elbow?
  16. Last question: What profile are you hoping to get? (Don't worry, this won't affect your result :)

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