Easy Animal Quiz

There are scientists all over the world who study animals. Given a hard quiz, even they might fail. But here is an easy quiz that anyone could win. You'll be glad you did it!!

So, ready to become an animal genius? Answer all the questions correctly, and you'll be a 100% animal genius!! Well you better get thinking!!.........!

Created by: Kersten
  1. What animal has a long neck?
  2. Which of the following animals hibernates.
  3. What works hard and carries much?
  4. What can be cut in half but still moves?
  5. What can be trained to talk?
  6. What has gigantic ears?
  7. What can jump well?
  8. Which animal is very fat during autumn?
  9. What animal likes 'kissing'?
  10. Bonus- What animal is exctint, but is quite famous?

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