angel in the midst part 2

well as you know if you read the first part of the story your name is Cory and you are at a new school for 8th grade year and weird things keep happening to you

so far the guys you have met are Dillon, Josh, and Marshal. Dillon has dark brown hair and lime green eyes, he is pretty muscular too. Josh has hair so dark it is almost black, it is cut like a cross between swishy and emo hair, he has wiry muscles but ripped. Marshal is tall skinny almost buzzed blonde hair and baby blue eyes

Created by: shinedownlover

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  1. recap.last time in angel in the midst: the skinny blonde guy who pizzed you (Cory) off by calling you baby and grabbing your ass ya you remember him, you have him pinned to the wall by his collar with your fist clenched up near your head ready to "take that MOFO down like a cimi-train" hehe a quote from my friend katie, anyway he got scared and said he found someone you obviously asked who, he gave you a stupid answer by saying "the one whos eyes shine white" i mean what kind of answer is that, if hes serious then he must be high or something
  2. that comment he made just made me even madder, so without thinking about it i reared back and next thing i know my fist had connected with his face. it was a hard hit too and everyone could tell because my knuckles cracked really loud when they hit his face. "ahhh" he squealed covering his face from another hit. i was fuming so i walked quickly to science. i introduced myself to my teacher and he told me to take a seat in this desk in the corner of the room. thats when the pain in my knuckles appeared. damn why did he have to have such a hard head, it felt like it were metal.
  3. then someone came and sat by me, it was Josh. he had a BIG grin on his face. "whats so funny?" i asked in a melancholy voice. "haha that scene back there, when you creamed Marshals face in." he said laughing the whole time "i'm sure glad it wasnt me who made you mad." my hands were on the desk in front of us. thats when he looked at my knuckles, "Cory, your knuckle look!" he said in a whisper/yell. i looked down and saw my knuckle was out of place, it was sunken in deep to where there was a dent in my hand, but thats not the weird part. i saw something in my hand moving, to notice that it was my knuckle moving, it was moving back into place and it didnt look weird or hurt anymore. "wow" was all i could say. he had a shocked face when i looked at him. "HOW in the WORLD did you do THAT." i shook my head because i didnt know. "Marshal was right you are the one." 'okay now this must be a trick all the guys are pulling on you', i thought to myself. "its not a trick" he said. "wait i didnt say anything how did you know?"
  4. "you really dont know anything about this do you?" he asked surprised "no, no i dont so do you care to explain this to me, oh and also the part where you know what im thinking while your at it" i said and gave him a look. "wow, okay i'll tell you everything, but i cant here its not safe alright? after school, oh and dont talk about this around anyone okay" "yes fine and i couldnt anyway because i dont know whats going on." i said with glare. he just laughed "okay now dont try to kill me like Marshal okay? and by the way your really cute when you scrunch your nose like that." he said as he inched away ready for me to take a swing at him, but i didnt i just blushed and giggled. before i knew it class was over and finally we got to eat lunch.
  5. "hey do you want to eat lunch with me and Dillon today?"Josh asked me. "sure why not" so me and Josh walked out of the room and headed out to the cafeteria. we saw a taco stand that was pretty short so we got in it and i got a drink, i really wasnt that hungry. Josh and i went to find a table when we heard Dillon call us from the other side of the room. we went to sit by him but behind us was Marshal and the chubby little freckled faced boy's group. "Damn Cory its spread through the whole school what you did to Marshal, heh all you have to do is look at him to find out if its true, you really did a number on his face." i looked behind me and saw the swelled purple bruise on his cheek, damn i never hit someone that hard before, and i have hit plenty of people when people have mad me even more mad then he did. something funny is going on here, first i feel funny when i shot the basketball, and hit the volleyball in P.E., then people are saying my eyes shine or glow white, and lastly i have Josh knowing what im thinking as if he could read my mind, i think im going crazy!!!
  6. "Cory, your not going crazy, if you can just wait until after school i can explain everything to you." Josh whispered. again he knows what im thinking. "ummm, okay." not knowing what else to say. "explain what to her?" Dillon asked. "oh um okay i guess we both need to talk to her" then he gave Dillon a long stare and Dillon did the same back, as if they were having a conversation but they weren't talking, finally after a couple of seconds Dillon talked. "oh s---, okay we do need to, as soon as possible man,...i thought that was just a myth, or legend..."he said in a hushed voice. yet again i have no idea what is going on. Josh changed the subject "So did i get a yes for that date?" he asked giving a grin to Dillon, who didnt look like he liked hearing that very much."hahaa ummmm i dont know yet, i still have to find out if my mom will let me go." "well i'll call ya tonight 'aight?"
  7. "suuuure" then the lunch bell rang."Cory what class do you have next?"Dillon asked "umm, let me check...oh i have art" "really, hmmm, you any good?" "eh im alright not the best but i love it its like all i do." "hmm you'll have to show me some time." "really?" "yeah why not" so Josh went on to class so Dillon walked me to my art class which was on the way to his English class. i met my teacher Mrs. Weather. "okay well you can go sit by Marshal over there." and she turned around to get something on her desk. i just turned to look at him, he heard her too so he was looking at me, then he looked strait down afraid too look at me. i walked over slowly and sat down as far away as the desk would allow me to. then i heard a voice. "umm,...i'mreallyreallysorryforearliercanyou..."i turned to look at him annoyed. then he finished.
  8. "forgive me?" "yeah i guess i can, this time" and gave him a little smile. that made him feel a little better and less jittery. "okay class today we have a free day, you get to draw anything you want today its basically just to show me what you can do." she said as she handed out the paper. i started right away, but i was finished in no time. my picture was of a boy about 15 or 16 he had wings but he was crying, he was kneeling and had a girl in his arms. it was so sad it almost made me cry myself. "Cory, why arent you working" "oh well umm i finished" "really that fast? did you put your best effort into it?" she came over to see it. she gasped "oh my, this this is amazing, i have never seen this much detail and emotion in any of my students work before." she said stunned "thank you" is all i could say i felt awkward because people were staring at me for the reaction my new teacher had on my art work. "just amazing" she walked away. Marshal finally took a look when she had left."wow, did you really do that?" "yeah" i said looking down. "that really is amazing" then i tried to look at his but he seemed to be trying to hide it from me. then i saw why. it was perfect all the detail right, it was me.
  9. "is" i asked "ummmm,i hope you dont mind its just that i do better when i actually look at some one" he said all nervous. "oh no i dont mind...its really good, you even got my mouth right." he just smiled, happy at my reaction i guessed. we only had about 15 minutes left of class so i pulled out my mp3 player, we didnt really have enough money to buy the ipods and iphones. i just sat there the rest of the class listening to my favorite rock bands (shinedown, breaking benjamin, papa roach, nickelback, and skillet) "who you listening to?" Marshal asked "oh breaking benjamin" "oh i know them what song?" "give me a sign" "really thats one of my favorites, that and i will not bow" (you should look them up if you havent heard them its good) "oh i love that one!" i was excited XP. then the bell rang. so i got up and left while i saw him packing his bag. the rest of the day flew by fast. i was waiting out front for my mom on the steps of the school. yesh the day is over!!!
  10. thx ill make the next one asap

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