Ancient Greece Test: Polis

There are no records to help us understand the origin of this unique concept, although historical, geographical and economic reasons can be suggested.

In a city of fools/I was careful and cool/But they tore me apart like a hurricane/A handful of moments/I wish I could change/But I was carried away/Give me therapy

Created by: Riptide
  1. What is a polis?
  2. What does acropolis mean?
  3. What is the process of a synoecism?
  4. The Spartans had one of the largest poleis. Approximately, how large was it?
  5. Only three poleis had in excess of 20 000 citizens. What were they called?
  6. What was the view of Plato in his Republic?
  7. What was Aristotle's view?
  8. Who stated that there were 10 000 citizens but with women, children, metics and slaves included, it would be 100 000 citizens?
  9. True or False. In the polis, a ruler would live and it would probably be a meeting place and religious center.
  10. True or False. Hippopotamus was a Greek philosopher as well.

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