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  • Your Result: Lost

    You feel that no one understands you, that you are a true outcast of society. However strong the feeling, be assured this is not trues. There is ALWAYS someone else out there like you, waiting to find their goals also.

    Great.... Accurate but now i wanna go jump off a cliff.

  • Lost. Everyone hates me and even though people say they are my friends, I know that I am not. There is no one else out there like me, my life is miserable, no matter what others think. I feel quite lost, yes. I LOATHE MY LIFE. At times. Why can't my life turn upside down?

  • I got Passionist and next was the Influential Outcast.

    Ellis Redding
  • Excellent, A "Learned/Teacher".

  • same as ellis. good quiz

    Jack Attack 1995

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