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  • Gah, only 67. That's weird, cuz I'm in high school. xD To all those starting middle school, a few points of advice-

    1. Just because your friends do it, doesn't mean it's good.

    2. In a few years, you'll understand why the older kids don't like you very much.

    3. You're only in 6th grade. Stop trying to be grown-up and enjoy being a kid.

    4. Don't stare at people when changing in gym, creeper.

    5. Teachers aren't going to babysit you. Take charge.

    6. Communicate with your parents. They can be your best friends in these tough times, so don't be a pensive pre-teen.

    7. Don't dress like a teenager if you aren't one.

    8. Homework sucks, but make sure you do it.

    9. Behave in class, and it will be much easier. Teachers will like you more, and therefore give you a break sometimes if you sutff up.

    10. Finally, Don't date. You're a 6th grader. You're not going to marry the kid, so what's the point? Besides, it's really weird. 0_o

  • I no I can survive I already am I was voted home coming queen and head cheer leader and dating the captain in 8 grade and he is supposed to be in 9 yay me my Kik is synoma5111

  • My god! I m only 52% I m going into middle school please can I have more advise I need help i am only ten I need more help also im female so I need female advice please help

  • cool im starting middle school in a couple days im kinda nervous but really excited too i got 59% ready 10/10 for you

  • Ohh no!! I only got 60%!! I'm not ready for MIDDLE SCHOOL.

    HAHAHA. No. I'm a sophomore.
    Ok quiz though...
    In case u wonder, i take cuz i be bored.

  • Fun quiz. :3 I'm only worried about getting lost... D:

  • 21 percent...well good enough for me i guess lol :)

  • i got 63% but thing is im in 7th grade so im in jr. high already lol but nice quiz though!

  • i got 63% but thing is im in 7th grade so im in jr. high already lol but nice quiz though!


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