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  • My life is actually great,i have an amazing and supportive family and maybe 1 to 2 good friends. I just recently graduated from highschool and attending university.I am a very caring and loving person but if you push me to a limit were i've gotten enough i remove you completley from my life and don't look back. I try my best to keep good grades and focus hard on my goal and studies. I'm studying med lab to become a lab technitian. These days i barely have any free time for myself because i am currently working as well, have a parttime job. This year 2021 i made a couple resolutions that i am keeping track of, i took time out off social media to focus more on myself and my future. I thought maybe to get rid of all the bad energy around me and work very hard on my ambition. I am a worship singer in my church, im a christian and i play the keyboard when i do get freetime. I have a lot of struggle and obstacles that i face but i do not let that stop me from where i want to go. I pray alot which is something i am very proud of and dont like distractions while doing it. I love cooking because i love my stomach but who doesn't right. i just hope this year bring alot more peace and joy because last year wasn't a good experience and hope that God gives me a good and healthy future for me.

  • 73%

    Honestly, I have a good life. I live in Southwest Georgia with my mom, dad, and younger brother (my older brother is in college). I go to the beach every other weekend during the school year and stay a lot during the summer. I have an amazing group of friends in the band. I'm in band, I run cross country and I do Tae Kwon Do, so I'm pretty fit. I have a huge house. I'm really happy. The only thing that upsets me are the current state of the US government (there isn't anything that makes me more furious than knowing are taxes are going to waste and welfare to people who don't deserve). But anyway I'm very grateful for everything I have.

  • My life is okay. I have a pretty good family, a couple good friends, and a roof over my head. I work hard at school and during sports. I barely have any free time to myself. My life took a turn down early this year. I was born with a liver disease, and it caused cirrhosis in my liver. They did a liver biopsy on me this year, and I will have a liver transplant soon, probably this year or within the next two years. I got a 30%

  • My life, i would go to school all depresed and afraid of people bullying me, people

    Think im ugly and tese me, i have no real friends. Then i go home my family makes me feel loved. Thats why i work hard to get good grades because of my dad, he told me about the Solar System then i wanted to become a stronger. But my life isnt that bad because I have hope for the future :)

  • 63%... but I have absolutely nothing to be envious of

    I wake up at 5:00 and do 1000 meters in the morning, then I go home and write or take quizzes on the computer until one of my friends call. Maybe watch a movie. It's summer, I love all this free time. :D

    Be happy :D A motto I once heard is that if you have no reason to feel sad, and you're not really feeling anything, why can't you be happy? It makes life more fun. :)

  • 73%.

    During the summer, I go to sleep at like 2-3, and wake up at around 12. I have three dogs, and one of them usually jumps up on my bed and licks my face until I get up if she has to go out. During school, I have to get up at 5:45, and this year, I'm taking college classes (I'm going to be a junior). I eat a lot, but hardly gain any weight because of my metabolism. I watch a lot of tv, and I Irish Dance. Yeah, that's about it.

  • I'm 69% Envious of you! :)

    My dad works pretty much every day. No one else works, mostly because of Carona but also too young. I am on a L3 Musical Theatre course, but I am not rich enough to go University just like that. I choose not to wear makeup and I am accepting that as a good thing. I have very overprotective parents, but not the most. I don't leave the house alone, except to college. I have never left my country, been on a plane, smoked or drank, kissed...You get it. I have my time ahead of me, but really I am ok with the present. I like to grow as a person though. Thanks for the quiz x

    Sarah Louise
  • I'm sorta confused about this.... What do you mean you dont know what it's like out there?

    Anyway i get up at 4:00 am to feed the horses and other animals. When im finished i go back to sleep. The i wake up at 10:00am and eat. I do the rest of my chores and play with my dogs. Then i excersise then shower. And if i have a civil air patrol meeting i go.

  • I don't have the best life, but I have a good one. I have three brothers, four sisters, one dog a step-sister,step-br other,step-dad, and step-mom. My dad cheated so I live with my mom + step-dad and siblings. My toes are weird b/c my pointer-toe is bigger than my big-toe. I have three great bffs. :3

  • I have a good life. I am an Arizona Cardinals fan and a BYU fan. I'm a Mormon. I will go to Thursday Night Football this year.

  • WOAH! 82%? I guess I have it really good.. I guess I'm spoiled but(not trying to sound stuck up)I think I earn it with good grades. \(`O`)/

    It's kind of boring though....

  • 80%! That's cool. I actually have it pretty good. This was a fun quiz! :)

  • 61%. Nice! I actually do like my life most of the time. :)

  • It says you are envious of me 62%

  • 27%. It should be 0%. I have nothing to be jealous of. :P

  • my parents are together my life is good but i have GAD, ADHD and anorexia.

  • Oh looky here. I'm 20% envious of myself! Well... alright... ha

  • 47%

  • i'm the nerd

    The Nerd_
  • 67%....idk how my life is sucks..


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