Am I a psychopath?

If you think you are a psychopath then you should take this quiz. But what is a psychopath? A psychopath is a someone that lacks empathy, lacks conscience and has antisocial personality disorder... if your wondering then I would recommend you to take my awesome quiz know!!!!

Do you believe that you're a psychopath? Well then take this quiz and find out!!! Remember to answer honestly if really want to find out the truth...

Created by: Mr.? of i don't have a website
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  1. Have you ever abused a animal?
  2. Do you lie?
  3. Are you a social person?
  4. Have you ever use someone to get what you want, but not because you care about them?
  5. Do you feel bad when someones feelings get hurt?
  6. Have you gotten into criminal trouble?
  7. Do you lose your temper quickly?
  8. Do you get bored easy?
  9. Is your iq higher than 100?
  10. Do people say you are arrogant?
  11. Imagine you just got 5,000 dollars and a homeless person asks you for 25 cents what would you do? (Be honest)
  12. You are in the street and a house is on fire, and there's two kids inside looking at you and yelling help, what would you do?
  13. If you commit a crime how would you do it?
  14. What is a psychopath?

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