Deadrising Psycho Quiz

Deadrising is the best game ever made for the xbox 360. As you go through the game, you will encounter various psychopaths, each with unique personalities.

Which psychopath are you? Are you a chainsaw spinning clown. A deadly accurate sniper? A vietnam veteran? A redneck? Or something else? find out now on the Deadrising Psychopath quiz. Also, RATC is a loser.

Created by: Jack
  1. How did you become a psychopath?
  2. What is you favorite weapon?
  3. What Plaza are you in?
  4. Do you wear headgear (i.e. hat, shades, etc.) (not makeup and wigs)
  5. Are you fat, lean or muscular?
  6. Do you have hostages?
  7. What do you do at any time other than a zombie outbreak?
  8. Last Question... Do you like pie?
  9. Actual Last Question... Do you have a mustache/facial hair?
  10. One more....Do you believe in Aliens, God and/or the Loch Ness monster?

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