Am I a normal person?

Almost everyone wants to be normal. It is something we strive for as individuals. That's right we strive to be like everyone else. Figure that one out.

So, are you a normal person? Or are you an odd ball. Take this quiz and figure out how you measure up to the rest of society.

Created by: KM of Don't have one
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  1. Is the person you are on the outside someone different than who you truly are on the inside?
  2. Do you have to actively contain your anger?
  3. Do you feel that you have a purpose that you haven't fulfilled yet that is very important?
  4. Do you feel drawn to certain people even though you have never met them before?
  5. Do you experience profound sorrow or grief for the suffering of another human?
  6. Do you experience Deja Vu in your dreams?
  7. Do you ever feel alone/disconnected from everyone?
  8. Do you have friends?
  9. Do you crave adventure?
  10. Do you ever feel completely out of place?

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