What is your function in life

At work and in life, what function do you have? Are you shy, confident, nefarious, strange, or a good hearted person? This somewhat silly quiz might help answer that question.

Are the joker and prankster? Are you the one afraid to get in the way? Are you the pillar of respect that others strive to be like, or are you the one who will cheat and steal to get ahead in life? Take this and find out!

Created by: roblinb
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  1. Your ideal job is:
  2. The best thing to do before a job interview is:
  3. After work you come home, so what do you watch on t.v.:
  4. After a work, some of your friends ask you out for drinks. Your primary goal is:
  5. At work, someone plays a nasty prank on you. Your response would be:
  6. You come into work on morning, only to find out that the plumbing in the entire building has failed. If you had to go the the bathroom during the work day, you would:
  7. You're invited to a staff Christmas party at your employers house. Every employee is supposed to bring some kind of food to the event. You bring:
  8. You're competing with a co-worker for a promotion at work. The best way to prove to your boss who is most worthy of it is:
  9. You are trapped on a desert island. Your greatest fear would be:
  10. The greatest glory, and sign of success in life for you would be:
  11. When you vote in elections, your main concern is:
  12. When you wake up tomorrow, your first thought will be:
  13. Last question, in life the thing you're least concerned with is:

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