Are You a Loser or Just Think You Are?

Do you usually wonder if you're that popular person or is you're a loser? Here's one way to try and find out, with a few examples to give you some ideas. It just might get you to think.

Loser? Or... Popular?! Which one will it be, or are you a worrier? It's also quite possible that you're just a normal person with normal things going on!

Created by: MsLashflash
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  1. If you're walking down a hallway full of people and your shoe is completely untied, you:
  2. A very attractive popular guy/girl asks you out on a date and you:
  3. You go to the store for nail polish, you also decide to get:
  4. You broke your mother's glass bowl... AGAIN! So you...
  5. You overhear something that you thought was hilarious, so you:
  6. While running down the steps, trying to keep up with the coolios, you accidentally miss 2 steps and stumble onto the person in front of you. You feel a bit:
  7. What do you think you are RIGHT now?
  8. If you had the entire day off, you would want to totally:
  9. The perfect person for you to love is:
  10. You think ______ of yourself.
  11. Something about yourself that you wished everyone could see is:
  12. You often worry about:
  13. That bus is always full! And you always get on last, because of your schedule... Every seat is filled up, what are you going to do?
  14. You wear what?!
  15. What are you thinking now...
  16. What are you MORE interested in?
  17. You think that the person who is typing this quiz thinks that they are:
  18. Do you wonder if someone thinks about you?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Loser or Just Think You Are?