Allissa is Bored 2: Why gotoquiz hates my guts

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Hey guys, welcome to episode 2 of "Allissa is Bored". In case you haven't noticed, my quizzes never show up on the new quizzes list. I've come up with several reasons why...

This second paragraph is totally unessasary. Ughhhh. I'm already tired of typing... just take the quiz for smosh's sake! There's nothing intresting here!

Created by: Firey_Soul

  1. After pondering it a while, I have come up with several reasons why gotoquiz hates my guts, and why my quizzes never show up on the new quiz list.
  2. Oh, wait! Before I start, I want you to all thank the lovely, awesome, and hilarious booknerd224 for this idea! :D
  3. The first reason I've come up with is that gotoquiz doesn't really hate me, but thinks I'm hot when I'm mad. Gotoquiz knows that I absolutely hate it when my quizzes don't show up on the new quizzes list. They enjoy seeing me slam my fist on the desk and curse at the computer screen.
  4. Maybe I was a murderer in a past life and my quizzes not showing up on the new quizzes list is how I'm paying for my sins...
  5. Hey, remember when you killed Heidi in Paranormal Love? Good times. xD just kidding. Anywho Jace stole all her teleporting magic. One day, Jace and I were teleporting to random places to take my pet unicorn, Killer for a walk. (She needs a change of scenery, y'know.) I remember being in a random neighborhood when Killer decided to take a big ol' glittery dump right on a random front lawn. I didn't think too much of it until I saw a guy looking out a window, glaring at me. Jace, Killer, and I quickly teleported away. Ever since then, my quizzes haven't been showing up. There's only one logical explanation... that guy was the creator of gotoquiz. He recognised the eyes of Firey_Soul, Jace too because everybody reads Paranormal Love! ;D Anywho, he was mad at Killer for leaving sparkly purple unicorn poo on his front lawn, so he took his anger out on me by making sure my quizzes don't show up on the new quiz list.
  6. Perhaps my quizzes actually do show up on the new quizzes list, but everybody in the world is tripping out so they are no longer visible to the human eye. You know what that means? EVERYBODY NEEDS BRAIN SURGERY! Nick has the medical experience, but he will probably charge you out the ass. I'd be willing to the brain surgery for free. However, if I drop your brain on the floor... it's not my fault.
  7. This could be Anthony's sick way of getting back at me for dumping his ass. -.-
  8. There's a demon living inside my computer. Whenever I post a new quiz, it eats the soul of the new quiz and it dies. Then it never makes it to the new quiz list.
  9. My quizzes never showing up on the new quizzes list is a sure sign of the appocalyse. The end is near...
  10. Well, these were all the reasons I could come up with. What do you think? Why does gotoquiz hate me? Leave your reason in the comments! :D Stay tuned for "Allissa is Bored 3!" :)

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