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Created by: luver888
  1. Hi person who I've probably never seen before!
  2. Have you watched charlie the unicorn on youtube? It's funny!
  3. Have you watched I dont know how to respond to that on youtube?
  4. So, are you doing anything while taking this quiz?
  5. Random question of the quiz! Do you like Justin Beiber? (I dont think I spelt that right.)
  6. Just a quick warning here: This quiz is going to be fairly long (over 15 questions at least) so if you haven't go much time left on gtq, I would suggest you stop doing this quiz now.
  7. Random fact: I really hate cheese exept cream cheese and cheese strings.
  8. Me and my friend are pretty random and when she had a cheese string for lunch once she said 'Throw the cheese!' I laughed. What you do if your friend said that?
  9. *Sings* Lets go! Lets go! Lets go!
  10. So, has my quiz waste- I mean killed some time for you yet?
  11. What do you look like? 1
  12. What do you look like? 2
  13. What do you look like? 3
  14. Do you know what your name means? Mine means little pearl or pearl.
  15. Are you watching T.V at the same time ad taking my quiz? I was watching Indiana Jones while making this.
  16. So I promised to do 20 questions so thats what I will do!
  17. This is just wanna say good luck to secret8 because she has a very important exam today (Yes, I know secret8 in person) well probably not today because you don't know when I made this!
  18. Thanks for taking my quiz! Bye-bye!

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