What's Your Alter Ego?

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You are yourself, and that is all....or is it? Everyone has that little voice in their head: it defines them, but as an opposite. So, the question is...

What's YOUR Alter Ego? I have nothing else to say, to be honest. Stopw asting your time, take the quiz. Or click on my name, that works too. You see it, right? Tup, it's blue. Click on it, you'll be un-bored, JUST LIKE THAT. Time for my fave Nike quote, one that I want you to keep in mind while following my instructions........ JUST DO IT.

Created by: Nikki_Knox
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  1. In a word, describe yourself.
  2. What word usually doesn't describe you?
  3. Situation: You teacher is telling you off for talking. You sit there, say nothing, but a little voice in your head is saying...
  4. Situation: You're invited to a party, but you say no. Meanwhile, in your thoughts...
  5. Ture or false: Are you insulting?
  6. True or False: Are you smart?
  7. True or False: Are you a partier?
  8. True or False: Are you kind?
  9. True or False: Are you a dreamer?
  10. If someone called you "Mean", your mind, in all honesty, would react with...
  11. What name would you say describes you least...but best?
  12. This may or may not be accurate, but I hope you enjoy it either way.

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