Which Dog Breed matches Your Personality?

Every person has quirks of his or her own that makes him or her different. Maybe you were a prep, a jock, or a nerd in high school, or maybe you fit into a category of your very own. Man's best friend, too, has certain stereotypes and labels. Some are true, some are not.

So, which of the four selected breeds are you? Are you a loyal lab, an athletic poodle, a mis-understood pit bull, or perhaps your alter-ego is of a different type all together? Follow your animal instincts and answer the questions honestly. Have fun!

Created by: AlphaWitch

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  1. A stranger is jogging on the sidewalk in front of your house. You respond by...
  2. When hanging out at the local bar, you're...
  3. What do you think of local law enforcement, fire department, EMS, etc.?
  4. You're planning a vacation. Where do you go?
  5. It's a beautiful day out! Whould you rather...
  6. You're getting ready for a date, and it starts to rain.
  7. You have a reputation for being...
  8. You'er at a carnival. Which event do you enter?
  9. You and your friends are going out for an afternoon. You're up for...
  10. Around strangers you tend to be...

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Quiz topic: Which Dog Breed matches my Personality?