All about me (you think you know me well?)

How well do you really truly know me? Are you as smart as you think? Take this challenge & see what you never know your luck ay!!! If you try hard'll find that you can understand me with certain things.

If you think you know me well this quiz & then we'll see if you do really know all about me...enjoy mate!!! And don't forget...c'mon aussie c'mon...c'mon, c'mon aussie c'mon!!! AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI

Created by: tabatha henning of
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  1. What is my fave food?
  2. When is my b'day?
  3. What is my middle name?
  4. Which band do i love more?
  5. What colour eyes do I have?
  6. Which do i prefer as a pet?
  7. I live by my own rules
  8. my fave colour is white
  9. I'm into witchcraft & vampires
  10. I'm completely & utterly in love with Jon Bon Jovi :P
  11. I grew up where?
  12. I have never left Australia...but where do you think I want to visit someday?
  13. What is my height?

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