Stupid or Stupider?

Im always being told i only get the complex things and not the simple stuff. So i decided maybe i should make a quiz based on something i couldn't get right away or understand at all in my past. Maybe you will understand simple and complex things that not even i could :P

Are you smart and get everything right away? Or are you the total opposite and have to take a few minutes to think about things before you actually get them? Why dont you take the quiz to find out! Hope you enjoy:)

Created by: Jessika

  1. There is the letter I in igloo?
  2. How many fingers am i holding up?
  3. If i have three apples and take away two, then eat one and buy 6 more how many do i have?
  4. How many questions have you answered so far correctly?
  5. Penguins can fly, yes?
  6. Answer this question correctly and ill give you a hug:)
  7. Why did the chicken cross the rode?
  8. Dolphins are mammals?
  9. What is the name of this test?
  10. Whats does U.S.A stand for?
  11. Alright, you made it to queston ten this is where the questoins get tougher. Just read slow and follow along alright?
  12. How many months have 28 days?
  13. A blonde, burnette, and santa clause all jump off of a building who hits the ground first?
  14. How many edges does a triangular prism have?
  15. What is pneumonoultramicroscopic-SILICA-VOLCANOE-niosis?
  16. Roses are red, violet are....?
  17. What is the number for 911?
  18. Christopher Coloumbus was the first to sail what?
  19. How many cups of suger does it take to get to the moon?
  20. What colours does red and blue make?
  21. Woops! That last question was suppose to be the last but i guess you dont mind doing a few more.
  22. Favorite or Favourite? (HINT:Im from England)
  23. Who is stupider.. Einstein or Thomas Jefferson?
  24. Lets see if you've been paying attention.. What's my age?
  25. Do you think you'll get a good grade on this quiz?
  26. Last Question i sware!! If i drive south with a Boat, and hit Eastwood drive then take a right, get out of the car take the boat Across a River nd find a sign, what would it Say?(Hint:Look at capital letters in queswtion)

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