What Kind of Crazy Dolphin Lover are You??

Dolphins are very complex and loving creatures. Few people truly understand and appreciate them for the majestic creatures they really are. One who truly loves dolphins and appreciates them will know every thing there is to know about them.

Do you love dolphins? Are you "obsessed" with them? This quiz was created for you to understand the importance and complexity of dolphins. It will also help you discover your true love for them.

Created by: Ashley

  1. What is a dolphin?
  2. Why do dolphins have a sleek body shape?
  3. What is the blowhole used for?
  4. What do dolphins feed on?
  5. How do groups of dolphins communicate with eachother?
  6. Approximately how many different species of dolphins are there?
  7. Why is the bottlenose dolphin most often used in amusement parks and perfomances?
  8. What is the ancient greek translation of the word "dolphin"?
  9. Which of the following is not a specie of dolphin?
  10. What do the bones in the two flippers located underside of dolphins that help the dolphin steer its course resemble?
  11. What is a female dolphin referred to as?

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Crazy Dolphin Lover am I??