Animal Jam quiz, Scamming.

There are many scammers. What's a scammer? A scammer is someone who tricks you into giving things to them. And they can be very smart and tricky. Look out.

Take this quiz to see what you know about scamming and how to avoid their attempts. Good luck. Especially on the challenge. It's hard. Good luck people.

Created by: Kayla

  1. Someone asks you to gift them your rare fox hat, and they will return you with a rare spike, you..
  2. Someone is hosting a trust trade competition, the winner gets her outfit ( She's wearing a rare long spike, a rare designer skirt, a rare fox hat, a short rare spike wrist band, and elf tail armor, you..
  3. Your buddy comes to your den and threatens you to gift them your rare blue worn, or they will ban you from Animal Jam forever! you..
  4. Someone wants you to gift them your spike, and they will give you a fox hat in return, you..
  5. Someone tells you they will give you 600 diamonds if you give them your password you..
  6. Have you been scammed before?
  7. Someone asks for your fox hat, and in return was a golden spike, and golden longbow.
  8. Was this quiz helpful, to know the attempts of scammers?
  9. Should you use the info, and protect yourself from scammers?
  10. should you ever be a scammer?
  11. Challenge: Your at a party, and a jammer is trust trading, then leaves when people figure out they've been scammed, you feel really bad for these people, and want to help. What do you do?

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