WWE Questionnaire Quiz

There Are Many Smart People In WWE Knowledge,Including the Master,Howard Finkel But other not so smart.Considering yourself a WWE Ultimate Fan Is hard so Good Luck!

Are YOU a WWE genius?Could you get all questions right and win the prestigious WWE title?Or even better,you could surpass Howard Finkel's Record of WWE Knowledge.Are You Up To The Challenge?

Created by: Daniel Loughins

  1. 1.What Is The Miz's Signature Saying?
  2. 2.What Band Sings Edge's Theme Song,On This Day?
  3. 3.All of These are Randy Orton NickNames.Which One Is Most Famous?
  4. 4.What Is The Great Khali's NickName,Recently Used in Late 2009?
  5. 5.What is CM Punk's Theme Song Called?
  6. 6.What is The City Of Brotherly Love that WWE Usually Goes To?
  7. 7.Zack Ryder Has A Combination of what Clothes?
  8. 8.Out of these which is Kofi Kingston's Most Famous Moves?
  9. 9.What Event In 2009-2010 Did Edge Return At?
  10. 10.What Is John Cena's 3 Words That Signal Him?
  11. 11.Santino has a Move That He Uses is Called What?

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