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Hi, this is a quiz about roblox game Adopt Me.I hope you like this quiz and its just for fun.If you didn't ace it,this quiz should help you learn more!

If you ace it, you're a god! I hope everyone will enjoy it ! I hope you have a legendary the next time you hatch an egg! And also, hope you have a great time completing it!

Created by: Antonia of Quiz adopt me roblox
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  1. Who is in the toy shop in Adopt me?
  2. What is the person's name in the camping shop?
  3. Which of these pets is a legendary?
  4. Which of these is the most expensive vehicle?
  5. How many golden penguins are there in the ice cream shop?
  6. Which of the following places can you glitch out of the adopt me map?
  7. Which of these eggs has never existed ?
  8. Which of these pets are not in the Aussie Egg ?
  9. How many bridges are there in the adopt me map?
  10. Where is the secret vent ?

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