How addicyed are you to Roblox Adopt Me?

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Do you think you know adopt me?Think againDo you know waht adopt me's first eggs?Do you know what a blue dog is worth?Do you know the updates?I hope you enjoyed my quiz.

A pro will glide trough this quiz easilyTake this quiz to find out.Maybe you know more than you do.Maybe you're a pro.Maybe you're a noob.Maybe you're an everyday player

Created by: Wolfythebluewolf
  1. Who created adopt me?
  2. Whatet do you get by combining 4 full grown mega neon pets?
  3. How many stars you have to collect to get the golden egg?
  4. What is the most expensive furniture you can buy in adopt me?
  5. Is "Drake" a real pet?
  6. What is the official adopt me yotube channel?
  7. What was the first egg that came to adopt me?
  8. What is NOT a real update?
  9. When did the shadow dragon came to the game?
  10. What happens when you bump a penguin while ice skating in the christmas 2020 update?
  11. How much did the frost furry cost in the christmas 2020 update?
  12. What was adopt me's first gumball machine egg?
  13. How much is think a blue dog is worth?(This is my opinion BTW)
  14. Where is the neon cave?
  15. Wich of these pets cost more robux?

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Quiz topic: How addicyed am I to Roblox Adopt Me?