How well do you know Adopt Me, in Roblox??

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How well do you think you know adopt me? Are you good enough to answer these tough questions? If you can you are classified as a Professional Adopt me player!!

If you want to know if you are as much of an adopt me as you think you are this is the quiz for you. It has plenty of challenging questions made to test your brain!

Created by: Hannah and Lily
  1. What rarity is a regular dog?
  2. What food are you able to get in the adopt me school?
  3. What free food that can heal you is at the hospital??
  4. How do you make a mega?
  5. Which of these houses don’t exist?
  6. Which of these eggs don’t eggs don’t exist?
  7. A hermit crab is a pet from the safari update.
  8. What is the rarest pet in adopt me?
  9. What was the first pet ever made in adopt me?
  10. How much money do you start the game with?
  11. What year did Persian cats enter adopt me?
  12. Which of these pets were not added in the 2022 Christmas update?
  13. Where can you adopt a king penguin?
  14. Who is the owner of adopt me?
  15. Did Albert Einstein ever play adopt me????

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Adopt Me, in Roblox??