Across the Pond-Part 2

Lots of people have been looking for part two so I finaly got it out today. Sorry for the really big wait. Life has been busy. Hope you enjoy this!!!!

Thanks to everyone who read the first part!!!!! Hopee you enjoy this one very much! !!!!! Look for part three!!!!!! Make sure to rate and comment!!!!!

Created by: Carrotop

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  1. I wake up to the sound of silence. I was suprised because usually Bryson would knock on the front door to wake me up. Then, I remembered that Bryson moved. I start crying again and realoze that dad wasn't up.
  2. I go upstairs to wake my dad up the think better of it.
  3. I head downstairs and get breakfast. French toast and maple brown sugar syrup. Yum! Then I remmber that Bryson and I eat this together all the time..... I take a seat at the table as a tear slowly falls down my face.
  4. I eat my french toast in silence, thinking of him. And crying.
  5. I turn on the t.v. just so there's noise. I'm lonely and stressed out. I can't think straight.
  6. I notice that dad isn't up yet. I look at the clock. 9:30 he usualy gets up at 9:00.
  7. I head upstairs to wake up my dad and this horrible stench hits me.
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