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  • *dies from beginning* fudge you, Malfoy for being so freaking lovable x3 Neville's so cute though xD and he's smart, insightful *nods* *sigh* Josh ._. calm it down, dude, your jealousy is messing with the cute atmosphere. Ohh go back in time to fix things, hm? *raises eyebrows* now isn't that a coinkydinky? Hm.... what is Saphira's worst nightmare? Something about her past probably? LOL "I missed you little one" come on, Cedric, that is Saphira's line! xD still laughing, James is a cutie xD okayyy now I'm lmao xD lips like butterscotch x) nice Aria, love it!! 'specially since it was Draco and all. Aw Oliver :c but... but... I'd rather cancel with Diggory and go with him... I mean certainly we've spent enough time with Cedric and certainly not enough with Oliver. o.o just a random someone decides to drop this on Saphira? ah, and you tell me not to leave you on cliffhangers! Can't wait for part 4! ^^

  • @xxblutixx- Lips like butterscotch was from you! xP I just had to use it. I know, I know, not enough time with Oliver but I decided since Cedric doesn't get enough attention, why not give him some? I probably gave him too much but oh well. I love Oliver a lot more than the sparkling fairy (: Part 4 is being written as we speak xD I'm on Question 3 or 4. XP

  • Why did you have to make Draco so loving?!?! But at least we see the good side of him!


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