A Simple Hogwarts Story Part 3. {Revised Edition}

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So this is part three to my revised edition of A Simple Hogwarts Story! I hope you enjoy and stay and support until the very end where Saphira ends her journey.

How did you find the first two parts? I know it's a bit boring and this part is probably fast but I'm sorry, I was distracted when I was writing this so it didn't come out as good as I wanted it to.

Created by: Aria

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  1. The week past pretty slowly as you secretly wished for Draco to come back; but he didn't reappear in classes until late on Thursday when Gryffindors and Slytherins had double Potions together. You sat alone in the back of the class and when you saw Draco come in, you immediately stood up, a huge grin on your face. Professor Snape snarled, "Miss Mendler, take a seat. You'll catch up with Malfoy later." You sat down; embarrassed because all eyes were on you. Draco went up to Professor Snape's desk and muttered something, and Professor pointed you. You thought, "˜I'm guessing he asked who his partner is.' As he strode over towards you, you slowly moved your bag to the other side; still smiling. You whispered, "Hi." He laughed, "You seem pretty delighted." You hit his shoulder playfully, "Oh shut up; I had to work without a partner for this past couple days and Snape's been harsh but now that his favourite student is here working with me, maybe he'll be a little easy." Draco raised an eyebrow, "You sure you just weren't missing me?" You teased, "Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't. You'll never know, Draco. It's the secrets of a girl best left hidden." Professor Snape caught a glance at you and Malfoy and said to the class, idly, "Settle down, settle down."
  2. You and Malfoy set up your cauldron right next to Ron and Harry. "Sir," Malfoy called, "Sir, I need help cutting up these daisy roots, because of my arm..." "Weasley, cut up Malfoy's roots for him," Snape said without looking up. You said to Ron, "Don't do it. I'm his partner, I'll do it." Malfoy smirked, "No Saphira, let the Weasel do it." You sneered, "Malfoy I can easily ruin our Shrinking Potion, leave them alone." Malfoy raised his hands in surrender, "Alright, alright. Just make sure and don't ruin me tonight, in bed." You hit his arm laughing, "Draco, no. You are one rude evil cockroach." Draco smirked, "And you like it." You muttered, blushing, "Shut up," and you worked on your Potion. Professor Snape said, "I'll be back shortly. Don't touch any of my things otherwise the consequences will be severe," and he left, his black cloak dragging on the floor. You said, "I'll be back. I'm gonna help Neville before he gets in trouble." Malfoy grunted, "Okay." You walked over to Neville, "Neville, no. This is how you do it," and you showed him. He sighed, "I'm such a loser at Potions; especially since it's Snape. He makes me nervous." You held his hand, "I know, he's scary but I don't want you to do bad so just follow my instructions," and you told him what to do. He nodded and thanked you, "Thank you a lot Saphira." You shrugged, "Not a problem but I better get back to Malfoy." You strode over to your table and you saw Harry's hand shaking in anger. You eyed Malfoy, "What did you do?" Malfoy sneered, "Nothing." You said to Harry, "Concentrate on your Potion, not Malfoy." You heard the door open and Snape went to Neville's desk. He was trying to find fault but since he couldn't, he dismissed the class and went back outside. You and Malfoy were in the class again and you scolded him, "You shouldn't have told Harry anything. He has a lot on his mind with..." and you trailed off because Malfoy held you by your waist, "Yes?" You looked at him, "Nothing." Draco said, "I've actually missed you." You could smell his breath; it smelt of green apples, something he eats regularly. You laughed, "Yeah, sure." Malfoy pulled you closer to him, "I did," and he leaned in. As you were going to lean in, the door burst open and you saw Oliver stopped in his tracks. Draco's hand moved from your waist to his books and you two hurried out of class. As you past Oliver, you saw something in his eyes, something you couldn't comprehend. Was it jealousy? You didn't know.
  3. You went into the Great Hall with Draco Malfoy, holding his hand. People from his house gave you deathly stares, specifically Pansy Parkinson and her friends. Draco muttered in your ear, "We'll get back to where we left off after Defence Against the Dark Arts," and he left to join Blaise and the others. You stood there mesmerised until someone picked you up from behind and spun you around. When he put you down, you turned to face him, "Woah Ced, you seem happy." Ced smiled, "Maybe it's because I saw you?" You blushed and he said, "We still up for tonight?" You were walking towards Gryffindor's table and you looked at him and said, "It's a date!" He laughed and nodded. You sat next to Neville, "Hey what's up?" Neville sighed, "I'm afraid of failing Potions this year." You patted his back, "Neville, you will never fail. Honestly, you are an incredible person and you have more potential than anyone I know. You just have to put it to use." Neville smiled feebly, "T-thank you. That means a lot." You were going to say something but Pansy Parkinson came up to you. You muttered, "Oh no."
  4. She snapped, "LEAVE DRACO ALONE YOU LITTLE TWIT." You calmly retorted, "Draco isn't with me, as you can see. Look over there," you pointed towards Draco, "he's with Zabini, Crabbe and Goyle. Unless you think Draco made a Polyjuice Potion and turned into Neville, I don't see how he can be with me." Her face grew red with anger, "Listen here MENDLER, don't.mess.with.me. Draco is mines and always will be so take your sorry butt and go back to wherever the hell you came from." You stood up, "Parkinson, I don't want to have to make a fight. There are teachers around, so unless you want points off Slytherin, I suggest you leave. And by the way, you can have Draco. I really couldn't care less." She stomped off but before leaving, she sneered, "He and I are made for each other, you mudblood." You sat down and looked at Neville, "Is she always this...stupid?" Neville answered thoughtfully, "Honestly, I wouldn't know. I keep to myself most of the time but she is a Slytherin and most Slytherins don't know their ass from their elbows." You laughed, "I see. But Parkinson seriously needs to stop having a problem with me. I don't see other girls fawning over Draco who she hates." Neville whispered to you, "No, because Draco never liked any of the other girls." You looked at him confused but he simply said, "I better get ready for our next class, see you later Saphira." You nodded, your hand on your chin, thinking. You saw Oliver entering with his friends and you wanted to talk to him about what he saw but what were you going to say? You can't lie to him and say you didn't have feelings for Draco. You couldn't really explain anything so you just left it as it is. You walked over to Ron and Harry and asked, "Where's Hermione?" Ron shrugged, food in his mouth and Harry said, "I think she's hiding something from us."
  5. You nodded, walking out onto the grounds by yourself. The trees moved like puppets on a string to the wind's music. You smiled to yourself as you adored the castle's beauty; it was more magical than anyone have ever seen. You've never noticed it before but Hogwarts is the most magical place ever. Someone behind you asked, "Are you ready to talk?" You turned around to see Josh. You dully said, "Okay." His eyes narrowed and you both took a seat on a bench nearby. He started, "I don't like Cedric Diggory." Your blood turned to ice but you managed to ask, "Why?" He shrugged casually, "He doesn't give me a good vibe. I mean, you spend way too much time with him." You strained, "You're jealous?" Josh scoffed, "Puh lease Saphira. I just don't like him much. And then I saw you hanging out with Draco Malfoy; he's a bad influence." You stood up, "Josh, you were the one hanging out with him first! What is your problem with me and my friends?" Josh laughed, "Honestly? I don't like them and if this conversation is over, I'm leaving," and he got up and started to walk in the corridor. You shouted, "This conversation ISN'T over!" Josh turned around, "Well maybe if you had more time for me, you'd understand!" You yelled, "Had more time for you? WHICH ONE OF US IS SNOGGING THE BLONDE EVERY FEW MINUTES? WHEN I TRY TO MAKE TIME FOR YOU, YOU ALWAYS BRUSH ME OFF LIKE DIRT. I'M TIRED OF YOUR GAMES JOSH, I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT ANYMORE." People were gathering around you two and someone whispered, "Woah, fight alert." Josh yelled back, "Yeah? WELL AT LEAST I DON'T LIKE A HUFFLEPUFF LOSER." You walked straight up to him and said, "CEDRIC IS NOT A LOSER. CALL HIM THAT ONE MORE TIME AND IT WOULDN'T JUST BE YELLING. WANDS MIGHT BE INVOLVED." Josh shouted, "I DON'T CARE," and he stormed off.
  6. You whispered to yourself, "What have I done?" You felt warm hands around your waist and you turned around crying on Harry's shoulders. Harry comforted you, "Shh, it's going to be alright." Sobbing, you stuttered, "N-no it i-i-sn't. I'm a fail." You looked at Harry and he cupped your face with his hands, "You're not a fail. You're just new to all of this, don't worry, you'll sort it out." You wiped your tears, "T-thank you Harry; I just don't know what's going on with me lately. If I could just go back in time and fix whatever I did wrong, I would." Harry nodded, "I'm always here for you, don't ever forget that." You nodded and slowly said, "We should get to class." As you entered, you heard people whispering about you and you saw Josh and his friends in a corner, watching you scathingly. You rolled your eyes and sat down, taking out your books and quill because Professor Lupin hadn't arrived yet. When he did arrived, he told everyone to put away their books and quills and followed him to the staffroom. Professor Snape came in and made a snide remark about Neville that made him go scarlet but Professor Lupin asked Neville to assist him with the "˜first stage of the operation.' You watched the old wardrobe that gave a sudden wobble, banging off the off with intensity. Professor Lupin said there was nothing to worry about because there was only a boggart in there. You tried to remember what a boggart was but then Hermione said, "A boggart is a shape shifter and it takes the shape of whatever frightens us the most." Professor smiled and explained to us that what really finishes a boggart is laughter. You tried to think of what you feared the most and when you realised it, all the blood in your veins seemed to stop. It was your worst nightmare. You shook it out of your head and looked at Neville who told Professor Lupin that Professor Snape frightens him the most. You laughed when Professor Snape stumbled, wearing a long, lace trimmed dress and a towering hat topping with a moth-eaten vulture and he was swinging a huge crimson handbag. The class roared in laughter and then the class lined up to go next. You stood in the very back, not wanting anyone to notice you. You looked at Harry intensely when Harry stepped forward but then Professor Lupin hurried forward and a silvery-white orb was hanging in the air in front of Lupin but he said, "Riddikulus," lazily and told Neville to finish off. In the end of class, he awarded Gryffindor a lot of points. As he dismissed everyone, they started chattering excitedly about how it was the best DADA class ever. You looked at Harry, concerned and you walked over to him asking, "Why didn't Professor Lupin let you face your boggart?" Harry shrugged, clearly disappointed, "Honestly, I think it's because he thought I was too weak or something."
  7. You patted Harry's shoulder, "No, I think it must have been something else Harry. I suggest you don't dwell on it too much." Harry nodded and thanked you. You waved it off and went to look for Cedric. On your way, you saw Neville's pet, Trevor on the ground. You slowly picked him up and carried him to Neville. He thanked you, "I don't know how I could've lost Trevor but thank you." You saw Cedric who came rushing over to you and pulled you in a bear hug. He said, "I missed you, little one!" You blushed furiously, "I'm not little." He grinned, "You're four feet, 10 inches. You are little." You defended yourself, "I'm taller than Colin Creevey." Cedric agreed, "And you're extremely pretty too, don't forget that." You hit his shoulder playfully, "No I'm not. How was your class?" Cedric shrugged, "It was alright. I mean, History isn't exactly my strongest area but I've heard that the other new kid doesn't like me." You flushed, "Don't mind him; I think he isn't getting used to us being apart." Cedric asked, "You and him dating?" You were completely thrown off-guard, "What? No, ew. He's my best friend from since I was a baby. Why would you even think that?" Cedric whispered in your ear, pointedly, "He's watching the way I'm with you right now and he's crushing something." You looked at Josh whose face was red with anger. You muttered to Cedric, "Honestly, I don't know what's up with him but I'll leave it for whenever he's calm. I don't want a big argument like the one we had in the corridor." Cedric wiggled his eyebrows, "What do you want?" You smirked, "Oh this and that," winking at the end. Cedric laughed and he asked, "You still up for studying tonight right? I mean, if you want." You quickly said, "I'm still up for it, don't worry." Cedric ruffled your hair, "Okey dokey. I'll see you, little one," and he strode off to find his friends.
  8. You walked over to Slytherin's table, and took a seat next to Draco who looked surprised. You smiled, "Well I'm not enemies with YOUR friends, am I?" One of the guys quickly said, "No you're not. I'm James by the way." You shook his hand, "Saphira." He winked, "I know." You nodded and asked Draco, "So why does Pansy hate me so much?" Draco shrugged, "Actually, I don't know." James said, "So Saphira, you like Hogwarts so far?" You laughed, "It's good. How about you?" He grinned, "It's better now that you're here." You studied his features; he had dark brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. You smiled, "Thank you but I think it's great all around." Draco eyed James as to tell him to shut up. You looked at Draco and he said, "I'll be back guys," to his friends and he led you out of the Great Hall. He apologised to you, "James is the annoying one." You laughed, "No he isn't." Draco whispered, "So let's go back to where we left off?" Before you said anything, he leaned in and both your lips connected. His lips were like butterscotch, smooth and soft. When you pulled away, you looked down at your feet and mumbled embarrassed, "That was my first." Draco lifted your chin and smiled, "I'm happy I was your first." You smiled, "Mhm, kay," and he held your hand and you both walked back to the Great Hall for dinner. Draco parted with you as you sat with Oliver, Josh and some others. You didn't talk to Josh but you smiled, "Hiya Oliver." Oliver smiled back, "Hi Saphira, you alright?" You blushed at the thought of Draco's kiss, "I'm fine." Oliver stuttered, "I-I was wondering if you wanted to..." but he didn't finish because Cedric came up to you and asked, "Can I talk to you for a second Saph?" You apologised, "I'll be right back Oliver." Oliver shook his head, "No problem." You followed Cedric, he stood and asked, "Will you go to Hogsmeade with me when we get our first chance to?" You shrugged, "Yeah, why not?" Cedric lifted your chin, "I mean as a date." You stammered, "S-sure." Cedric smiled, "Wonderful then. Thanks," and he went back to his table. You strode over back to Oliver and asked, "So what you wanted to ask me?" Oliver bent his head and looked at his food, "Oh nothing." You shook his shoulder, "Oh come on, it must be something." Oliver shook his head, "Nothing." You turned him to face you and told him, "Oliver, I'm here to listen. What's up?" He stared into your eyes and asked, "You're an angel aren't you?" You blushed, "No I'm not." Oliver continued, "You're perfect." You said seriously, "Oliver stop it." Oliver looked at you, "I'm sorry." You waved it away and persisted, "So what did you want to ask me?" Oliver breathed in deeply and asked, "Will you go to Hogsmeade with me?" You were crestfallen, "Oh Oliver, I'm so sorry. I promised someone else I'll accompany them." Oliver managed to strain out, "No problem," before finishing his dinner silently and retreating to Gryffindor's common room. You felt really bad but you couldn't tell Cedric no. You didn't have an appetite anymore but you joined Cedric in the Library in the night. You worked silently on your homework, still thinking about Oliver's hurt voice when you rejected his offer.
  9. Cedric asked, "Are you okay? You seem distracted." You nodded, "I'm fine." Cedric took up your parchment and said pointedly, "No you're not. You left off half of some sentences in some places." You reached for it but he wouldn't let it go. You folded your arms and grunted, "It's nothing." Cedric pocketed your parchment and played with your hair, "It's something. Now let it out to Cedric...haha." You giggled, "You're my therapist now?" Cedric was confused, "What?" You facepalmed yourself, "Nevermind. Anyway, can I have my homework back?" Cedric smirked, "You have to say something and give me something after." You rolled your eyes, "Okay, what do I have to say?" Cedric smiled evilly, "You have to say "˜Cedric is the best guy on the planet' and you have to give me a huge hug." You scoffed, "Okay. Cedric is the best guy on the planet," and you pulled him into a hug. Cedric said, "Fine. Now here's your homework Missy." You raised an eyebrow, "Yes Sir." Cedric laughed, "I didn't know Professors and students are allowed to go on dates." You blushed, "I didn't know students were allowed to like Professors but it happens right?" It was Cedric's turn to blush, "You like me?" You played like you didn't know what was going on, "What? I never said that." You were putting back the books into the shelves but Cedric held you by your waist, "You did, indirectly." You looked at his grey eyes; he was so close to you. You whispered, "Cedric." Cedric pulled your hair behind your ears and leaned in. You reacted instantly by turning to the other side so he would kiss your cheek. When he realised, you said awkwardly, "We should get back to our common rooms." Cedric smiled, "Yeah, if you want." You told him, "I think since tomorrow is Friday, I won't be coming to the Library. You alright with that?" Cedric shrugged, "Guess I won't be coming to the Library either." You told him, "Don't worry, I'll tell you when I'm coming." Cedric hugged you, "Thank you though, I'm actually top of my class in Charms and others because of you staying here with me." You smiled, "Again, it's not a problem." You and Cedric walked silently back to your common rooms. As you entered your common room, you sighed.
  10. Neville asked you, "Are you alright?" You shook your head and told him everything from the kiss with Draco, and the time with Oliver and the Library incident with Cedric. Neville slowly asked, "Who do you like?" You shrugged, "Honestly, I don't know. I think Draco's so amazing but Oliver is cute and shy and then Cedric's so mysterious." Neville patted your shoulder, "You'll find out who you like soon enough. I suggest you don't get attached though; things never last forever," and he left to go back to his books. He left you deep in thought. Someone came up to you and said, "Saphira, I have to tell you something." You asked him, "What is it?" He replied, "I'm your half-brother."

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