A New Kind of Love Story

So this a love story that takes place in the eighth grade. Sorry if you are not in the eighth grade but this is the only way it could work. So three guys are in love with you. this is my first quiz so be nice (but not to nice tell me what i'm doing wrong)

If you are new to this site I would suggest you take LA summer love story. It is completed and awesome. This wasn't based off of it but i was inspired to make a quiz because of it. If your bored than i suggest taking this! :)

Created by: Dolphin13

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  1. Once upon a time,you moved to a new town and a new school and your going into the 8th grade!
  2. The reason for this you ask is that your dad is constantly on the move because of his job so he said you'll be here at least a year! Make the most of it!
  3. So it's ur first day of skool, and ur walking to the bus stop, ur the only one there.You wait like 10 mins.and then a really cute guy shows up with dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes.
  4. You say "Hey My name is _______" Then he looks up and says "Oh Hi my name is Logan is this ur first day here?" "Yeah," you say "and in the 8th grade none the less." "Haha if u ever need help with finding anything just ask." You say....
  5. Then the bus comes and you both get on. The bus is pretty empty because ur one of the first stop. So you sit in the back of the bus. Logan sits up front with who you assume is one of his friends but is constantly looking back at you. You think...
  6. The bus stops at some other bus stop (you wow way to piont out the obvious)and a bunch of loud, and jerky boys get on. they all seem to follow this one boy who you notice has flippable blonde hair and hazel eyes, and abs!! You think...
  7. Then the kid next to the blondy, says "Yo you better get outta Max's seat or else." You then being extremely tired say "or else what?" The guy refered to as Max then steps in and says "whoah we can all be cool, I'll just sit next to her, Alex." "But I always sit next to you," says Alex. Then Max shoots him this evil glare, and everything is silent. Max then sits next to you, and asks you what your name is. You say.....
  8. He then says "Well I can show you around if you want hottie." Just then you see Logan looking back and he looks extremely jealous. Your spacing out and Max says,"_______ are you ok?" "Yeah I'm fine"
  9. So you finally get to skool and you head to your homeroom. Your using a map so your slightly lost. You then run into Logan "Hey, you going to Ms.Blue's homeroom ______?" he asks. "Yeah and I can't find it" you say. "Oh I can help you I'm going that way too we can grab seats together." You say.....
  10. You & Logan finally get to Ms.Blue's classroom (You were really lost) and there's only two seats left sitting next to each other so regardless of what you told Logan, you guys have to sit together. You and him sit down and the teacher gives a lecture on school rules like they've done every year. As your teacher drones on someone passes you a note, you open it. It says, " Hey _____ I was wondering if you wanted to come over after school today signed, Logan" Since you are done with all of your unpacking you tell him you can come! Are you excited??
  11. Finally Ms.Blue was done lecturing & handed out your schedules. You look at yours and you have 1st social studies 2nd science 3rd math 4th french 5th english 6th theater/chorus 7th gym. You compare your schedule with Logan and you have 1st, 6th, and 7th together. the bell rings and you both head to 1st.
  12. So you show up @ 1st and Logan sees a couple of his friends so he goes off with them. He then asks you "Hey, ______ do you wanna join." you say...
  13. Then you went to 2nd. you looked around but you didn't see Max or Logan. You were kind of disapionted but u did see a cute Black haired, green eyes guy reading a book. You go over and sit next to him and introduce yourself.
  14. He looks up from his book, which you notice is the Gone series (incase you were wondering, it's by michael grant![:) "Hi." iz all he says." What's your name," you ask. There is a really long pause and then he finally says "Kyle." "oh" you say. What are you thinking?
  15. Class starts and then you learn, then it ends. Your at 3rd when you see Max. Your really glad to see someone you know and as an added bonus the annoying Alex isn't there! YAY! But all the girls are crowding him so you just take a seat.
  16. Just then Max starts walking Towards you and sits next to you.He says "Listen Ladies! I'm sitting next to ummm what's your name again," "my name is.." he interupts you to say "This beautiful girl! So don't bother us!" Then class starts. Your thoughts.
  17. Then you go to fourth, and Kyle is there. He again doesn't talk. Then the bell rings for lunch.You start walking to the lunch room when Kyle stops you. "Hey _____ right? I just wanted to apoligize for being kind of rude, I'm really shy." "That's cool." you say "Do you want to join me for lunch this is my first day so i don't have many friends." "sure" he says with a really shy smile. You guys walk in and sit down. Then Logan comes to sit with you guys and then has to go help the theater teacher. Your thoughts
  18. You finish up lunch and you and Kyle are walking to English together. (Yes you to have fifth period together) You had the most wonderful time talking to Kyle about poetry, science, and the Gone series!! Just then as you two are walking through the hallway, Max pushes Kyle out of the way "What a Dweeb!!" he says. What r u thinking??
  19. No matter what you were thinking before you decide to do the rite thing. "Hey what was that for Max?" you manage to say. "What was that for?" He says in almost complete shock. "Well duh I was saving you from having to spend time with that dweeb I figured you really pityed him since you weren't coming to join me. Your welcome now come on I'll walk you to class we do have english together." "No!" you say before realizing what was going on. "No Max that was just rude of you. Come on Kyle let's go to class before the bell rings." You and Kyle then walk down the hall. You look back and you notice Max's shocked/grim expression you keep walking because your not sure what to do it was rude of him to do what he did but you do like his everglowing confidence. You get to class and your thinking.
  20. The bell rings and you go off to sixth period and if you remember (for those of you trying to learn how to do deep breathing excersises) Ur 6th period is theater/chorus with Logan.
  21. Anyways, you wwalk into theater class and Logan comes running over to you practicly knocking you over. "Oh sorry, _______ I'm so excited we theater and chorus together! I really want you to meet my best friend Jay, but he's still on vacation he never comes to school until after labor day. We are going to have so much fun!" "I can't wait." you say half sarcasticly half not. Then class starts and surprisingly you have the best time of your life! You just fit right in, the entire class is just like one big happy family. You mostly stuck with Logan because he's the only one you knew, but everyone was really welcoming.
  22. The bell rings & you, Logan, & Emily (someone you met in theater class.) go to gym. when you get there the three of you sit on the bleachers together waiting for class to start. As your waiting you notice Kyle & Max are in your class too!
  23. Class finally starts and your teacher drones on & on about gym and the entire time you feel watched. your thoughts?
  24. After your teacher shuts up, he says you can talk amongst yourselfs. You see Max has his own posse so you say to Emily & logan, "Hey, let's go talk to Kyle cuz he's all alone." You think its a wonderful idea but they werent so sure. "Ummmm _______ I dont think thats such a good idea." emily said. "Why" you asked. "Ummmm nobody really knows just most people avoid him." "Oh" you say. Then its really quiet. Awkwardly quiet. Then logan says "I think its nice of you to want to help. I dont understand why nobody talks to him they just dont." "yeah" Emily says. Then she looks down & notices ur shoes and perks up imediately. "OMG look @ ur shoes!! They r to die for I've wanting them for MONTHS!!" What shoes r u wearing??
  25. Then the bell rings and the three of you walk out of the gym Emily says bibi and walks off to go home. Then its just you and logan. you 2 go onto your bus and you guys are talking and having the best time then @ the bustop for your house and his you get off and you walk towards logan's house. You can feel someone watching you the entire time. You figure its probaly Max but you turn around and the bus is gone. "Is everything alright _____?" "yeah I just feel like someones watching me." "its probaly just ur imagination." he says. Yeah, you think, some imagination. You guys walk and talk but you can't get rid of this feeling.
  26. You get to Logans house and its pretty huge one room has a mini stage and audience seats. And everything is just so cool. You guys get snacks from the kitchen and head to the stage and just goof off. Then after doing some wacky skit Logan catches you off guard and says, "______ I really like you." You don't know wat to say its ur first day and he has already told you he likes you. He continues and says, "You look slightly shocked." "Yeah." you say sarcasticly, "Slightly." " Ijust like you so much _______ I'm sorry" " It's ok I'm just not ready for a commitment like that yet." Ur thoughts.
  27. You guys have a blast after that and ur walking home. ur just maybe a block from ur house when you feel someone following you again. You turn around you don't see anyone so you just repeat what logan had said. Then you hear someone yell, "Hey _______ Look out!" You turn around and you can't see the person talking to you,everything is super blury, and then dark.
  28. So thats the end of this quiz stick around for part two. will you...
  29. So who do you hope to get?

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