A new begining part 1

Your ex-boyfriend just dumped you for your best friend. You are trying to forget him but he keeps creeping back up and so does another mysterious boy.

The first person to comment will get their name in my next one. But unless I don't get at least one good comment there won't be a part 2. I hope you like the quiz.

Created by: natstar43

  1. It's my first day of my last year of high school. I am not looking back at last year I will only look forward. Jake ruined me and my heart is still in pieces but I can only look forward.
  2. I live a block from Suncrest High, so I walk to school. The name is a contradiction because I have yet to see a sunny day here. I suddenly have the feeling as though someone is watching me.
  3. I didn't have enough time to turn around when the person turned me and kissed me hard.
  4. "I'm sorry its just your so beautiful." Said the mysterious kisser. I looked him in the face and saw that he was the beautiful one. He had dark brown hair and deep blue eyes I could just fall into. "Well, umm, thank you," I said, "My name is," "______, I know," He interrupts, "I'm Lucas." I tell him to walk with me. I don't want anyone else kissing me. He smiled and my heart stopped.
  5. When I got to school I realized I had every class with him. Melissa Cars walked toward me at lunch and told me that there was a party at her house on Friday. I first wasn't going to go, but I went anyway.
  6. It wasn't a formal party it was really just a bunch of kids running to the bathroom or bedroom for reasons that I shouldn't say. I got dressed and looked myself over in the mirror. My dark curls fell onto my blue tank top that was pulled to my waist to cover the stain on my pocket. I was wearing purple flats. I didn't wear pounds over makeup on my face because I didn't want to look like a whore. Other girls in my school would have their dress short enough to see their panties and low cut enough to show fake cleavage.
  7. My brother drove me to the party and immediately was greeted by ten drunk 17 year olds. I shouldn't say greeted they really just said things like dance with me pretty lady and other idiotic remarks. I went to get a drink of water but only found beer. I sat down on the couch and thought about the easiest possible way to leave. I got up and felt someone put their hands on my eyes and asked, "guess who?" I twisted the arms and turned around. It was Jake. He told me to follow him and grabbed my arm. He was stronger than me by far so I couldn't resist. He led me up to a bedroom and set me on the bed. He said, "Why haven't you been talking to me?" I answered with ice dripping from each sylable, "We broke up." He started laughing as if I had told the funniest joke. "That was a misunderstanding." He said and I shook my head. He then sat on the bed next to me and kissed my neck. I got angry as my heart skipped a beat with each kiss. Jake said, "Remember when I used to to that and you would," I stopped him and he just kissed my lips. He twirled his tongue around gracefully but the kiss became hungrier and hungrier. I didn't think I just kissed back. His hand slid up my shirt and unclasped my bra. he pulled off my shirt and bra. Just then Someone barged in but we didn't hear. Jake was unzipping my pants when Lucas came between Jake and I but Jake just pushed Lucas away and went back to what he was doing.
  8. Lucas fell down and I wasn't watching the fight. I was in my own little world. I was so oblivious until Jake came back. How does he put that spell over me? When he came back he unzipped my pants as I pulled off his shirt. I usually didn't do things like this but I felt powerless. He pulled down my pants and his and lay down. He was about to go through the course when my brain snapped into place. I was about to get up when he kissed my neck and I was powerless again. Lucas got up and shook me into my right mind. Apparently I had the same effect on Jake and he didn't notice me leave until the door shut.
  9. I didn't want to bother my brother so I couldn't leave the party until Lucas told me that he would drive me. I wasn't really watching how to get to Melissa's house but my brother was dating her so he knew. I didn't know how to get back home. We were near New York City and since it was only 11:30 Lucas suggested we go there. We were listening to the radio when Beyond the Sea came on. I always have wanted this song to play at my wwedding and told Lucas that. He turned down the radio and began to sing the song. His voice was like carmel, sweet. He told me to get out of the car. I thought this odd but got out anyway. He kept singing and danced with me. This was the best feeling I had ever had. It was definantly better than that crazy feeling I got when Jake kissed me. When he sang we'll kiss just as before, my heart stopped and I just smiled. He kissed me and the feeling I thought couldn't get better did. When we finished dancing we went to a little cafe.
  10. It was December and so Lucas got us A giant hot chocolate. I thought, are we dating? He looked at me and I knew we were. He shoved his hand in his pocket and grabbed a box of sweet hearts. He rifled through the box and found the one he wanted. He slid the heart across the table and it said, "Will you be mine?"
  11. Before I got to answer he left.

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