All About Me and Terry

All About ME AND TERRY. We know a lot of folk but who well do they know us. Since we are doing some new things in our life I thought it would be fun to quiz the firends out there to see. Who knows "All About ME AND TERRY.

There are two questions in the begining that the quiz website asks but after that the rest are about us. Have fun and remember its just a quiz no grade involved, so relax.

Created by: Demeka

  1. As of March 27, 2007, how long would we have been together?
  2. When are we getting married
  3. Who will be my maid of honor
  4. Who will be his best man
  5. When did we first meet
  6. Who re-introduced us
  7. Where did we go on our first date
  8. Where are we getting married
  9. Who is older
  10. What is "OUR" song

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