A little long love story part 1

Hi I kinda suck at this but I had an idear , please tell me what you think and be truthful :) thank you all so much Toralei oxoxoxxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxxox

Hi I kinda suck at this but I had an idear , please tell me what you think and be truthful :) thank you all so much Toralei oxoxoxxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxxox

Created by: Toralei

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  1. It was the most popular girl in your schools birthday , and sadly you were the most unpopular she was forced to invite you because she's your big sisters bestie. No matter how much you wished you were her you hated her . " And I'm gonna become a vegetarian because I LOVE children ! "that was the annoying squeaky voice of the most popoular girl McKensie
  2. You Mimicked het voice and walked out the back door . It was late about ten at night and the stars shone so brightly it was beautiful. You stood there and sighed , why weren't you as beautiful as those stars ? You were defonatially as bright but never thought as beautiful . There was no school so you walked home and went to bed
  3. *DreamMode* I never met my mum , nor my dad but always wondered , did they look into my eyes and give me up because they knew I'd be. Failure ? You were walking down a dark street and ally in your dream when a hand was put over your mouth and you woke up
  4. It was your sister looking at the clothes you wore to the party " You wore that to the party ? That wasn't even fashionable when I was your age " then she giggled evilly and went to bed you sat up all night , then morning came and you got up and went to town.
  5. You waked to town and sat down on a tele in costa coffee . Suddenly a boy with brown hair brown eyes and well he was quite fit sat infrount of you with a coffee "can I help you" you asked him "_____ _____ right" asked the boy " yes " you replyed " Connor is my name you know your mum and dad were great assassins right"
  6. "I never met them " you said bluntly " Well there dead and there killer is right behind you " Connor pushed your head down and jumped on the table while pulling out a gun and he shot the man who was trying to shoot you .
  7. There was Chaos in the shop as bullets flew everywhere "____ wait for me outside " you did as you were told until Connor came out he took you down to his porch and said he needed to show you something so you got in " What do you need to show me ?" you asked "Where I work " Connor replyed and started driving . Soon you eneded up in a area that looked a bit Like a broken down building
  8. You walked into the building with Connor he opened the doors and then you blacked out . When you woke up you were in a room with what looked like a load of men on steroids . Suddenly you saw Connor and another boy who had shaggy blond hair , blue eyes and was Connor fit .
  9. "____ this is Harry my boss" Harry raised his hand reached into his pocket and threw a gun at you " come over here " Harry said he had a very manly voice
  10. They took you to a bin " Shoot the wings off the flys " said Connor " I I can't do that that's impossible " you replyed bluntly " Do it!" Harry shouted you started to tear up and you couldent see the flys " I can't even see them " you said as you were tearing up " Just do it " Connor whispers in your ear softly . You remembered there were six flys and so shot your gun six times , then ran over to a chair and began to cry harder
  11. Then Harry put his hand on your back and put his other hand out , sure enough it had six flys without wings you were stunned " You take after your mother" Harry said " Verry skilled with the Scences
  12. Hiya well this is my first love story please comment rate and be trutfull when you say what you think

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