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  • what what?! RAELYN MADE A COME-BACK WOO! Haha, i love how you morphed bianka, shelena, and riley's names. XD

  • lol, i dont really watch (or understands) the hunger games. but this story is good :P

  • Haha yay. I wanted to coment so i did! Yay. Great quiz btw.

  • Yea, first comment!!!! :p This is absolutely awesome!!!! I've read the whole series hundreds of times, and I was wondering when someone would make a series about them here. AHHH this is amazing!!!! XD Shale sounds so cute... ;) But then again, there's Clinton back home... and Sterling from 12 sounds like those shy, quiet guys who are undeniably sweet. :3 It's really hard for me to decide between them, but so far, Shale has a slight lead. Can't wait for part 4!!!!


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