A Hunger Games Story. Part 3

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Okay so this is the third part of A Hunger games story. If you haven't read part one or two then please do.It would mean a lot to me and if you read theese then please comment.

I love comments.Okay I am super sorry this is so late. I have been super busy, i still am its like midnight. So sorry if there are a lot of typos I'm just loopy right now

Created by: graceface

  1. Your enjoying a nice well needed sleep when your woken up by yelling. "Indigo,Indigo Wake up!!! Wake up"You hear in an urgent tone.Your suddenly wide awake. "Where am i?am i in the games already?" You think to your self franticly.Then you come to your senses. Your in the capitiol still. Three more days until you go into the games and until you turn 13. "What a great way to celebrate" you think. You look up and see Lani."Wake up! Now! Get ready this is your last day at the training center" She says still shaking you. Any other day you would deal with it but your grumpy,your not a mourning person." Why does it matter!! Im not gonna win! Whats the purpose in training!! Training is not going to magicily turn me into some cold blooded killer!!!" You yell in her face. And you instantly feel bad. "She's just doing her job " you think. "And its the last day to make an alliance before the games. And Nikel wanted me to tell you that you could another allie if you wanted to" she says in a bitter tone. You jump out of bed and head to the training center.
  2. There are names and faces rushing through your head as your thinking of a good allie your going through but your heart keeps screaming "DISTRICT 12 BOY!" Your running as fast as you can because well running helps clear your head. Your consentrating so hard you dont notice were your going. And you run into the wall right in front of the training center. You can hear the other tributes laughing at you. You get up and stomp back to your room,with tears in your eyes.You dont know why your starting to cry,mostly becauses your afraid,afraid of what the future holds. You hear footsteps behind you. "Hey wait up" A deep voice says. "I really dont want to talk to Nik right now" You think as you turn around. And See a boy a deep blue eyes rich brown hair. "Now this isnt Nik" you think to yourself "What do you want" you say in a sharp tone. "I saw you fall over there, are you okay?" You look up and say "Do I look okay" With your face all red and tears streaming down your face. "You look more than just okay, but you look sad. Whats wrong" "Why his he being so nice" you think. "Honestly, Everything" you tell him. He gives you a concered look and says "When I'm upset i like to get my mind completely off the matter. Let me show you something to distract you" "Where do you want to go?" You ask, a little weirded out. "The only beautiful place in the capitol" He says, he starts walking away "Come on" He says as you just stand there. You dont know if you go with this random guy to some place you dont know. "Come on you can trust me it will be fun. Or would you rather stay in your room with your escort all day" He says with a genuine smile on his face and he puts out his hand. You think for a while and then hestitantly take his hand and he leads you away
  3. He takes you to the garden and you are consumed by the bright colors and the smell. It kinda reminds you of home back in district 4. You start to smile,this is helping. You look over at him and you just start laughing. He smiles at you "What?" He ask. "I just thought it was funny you brought me all the way over here and I dont even know your name or anything" He Starts to chuckle "Uh I'm Shale I'm from 2" "uhh two! Stupid Camila" you think. You look at Shales faces and realize you said that aloud. "Sorry its just Camila... she just..i... I dont trust, not at all and she is supose to be Me and Nik's allie, and Im afraid she is going to kill me in my sleep or something weird like that" He gives you a concerned look and then he looks like he is thinking hard. Then he says "My parents back at home were...well...what you could call golddiggers. They had me so I could just go into the games.Win.And make them rich. They never loved me they just treated me as there pet. No care. No love.Just train.train.train.I was supose to volunteer when I turned 18 and be a career tribute. But I was reaped 4 years to early... I guess what I'm trying to say is. I trained all my life for this. Stay with me and I will put you ahead of myself to keep you safe. I will protect you in the games at all cost" You look into the is blue eyes. There the same color of the sea at home. "Why?" You ask him standing close to him looking into his eyes. "Becuase I want to and you have something...someone to come home to, not me, not really. I'd rather have someone like yiu win rather then someone like me. So what do you say Allies?" He says as he sticks out his hand. You look up at him "allies" you say as say as you ingnore his hand and give him a hug.
  4. TIME FORWARD...KINDA: You are waiting outside to meet with the gamemakers and a few other important people to show them your skills and they will rate you on a scale between 1 to 12. You are so flipping nervous. This is a big factor to decied if you get spouncers. And sponcers help determine if you live in the games. Also these scores decied if your hunted by careers in the games. "Who are the careers?" You think and no one comes to mind. You have meet the tributes from 1 Jackie and Mikial and they dont seem...visious enough to be career. And you are allied with 2. "So does that make me a career?" That question keeps poping in your head as your waiting for your turn to go infront of the gamemakers... And now Nik just got out and its your turn. You are so nervous your literally shaking
  5. You go over to the throwing knife station, you've been dieing to get over there since you have been in the capitiol,not that many people know this but you have amazing aim, so this is your best chance on getting a high score. You grab two knifes and go towards a training dummy and you stand a fair distance away. And Now You throw. You through both in less than 10 seconds one hits its directly where the brain would be the other where the heart would be, now they are paying attention.Next you go over to the moving targets you hit it everytime. You look at the clock your times almost up you want to give them something to remeber..You grab a sword with a thick blade,you put it over your head and you use all you force and throw like a fribee as hard as you can. "This better work" you think and it does... it completely decapatates the dummy. One of the game makers smiles and say "Thank you Indigo, you can go now" you leave half proud and half freaked out "What if that dummy was a acual person, could i still kill it?" You think...,"I guess we will see in the games a voice in your head says
  6. Your In your room just chilling on the couch with Nik and two of your mentors Mags and Finnick when Lani comes running in the room like a spaz. "TURN ON THE T.V THE RESULTS ARE IN"Lani yells. "Okay!"you yell as you turn the t.v on. They announce the scores in order from district number. Your watching keeping tract. Camila got a 7 and Spade got a 9. Your freaking out inpatciently while they anounce 3's. Nik got a 6 and You got a ... 10. "What!?" You yell "Wow Indy you smoked me, that was embarresing" Nik jokes. Your so suprised you just wanted enough for spouncers to notice like a 7 you didnt expect a 10 especialy because well your only 12 years old! Everyone gives you congradulations and is asking about your training session. Lani walks in and tries to turn off the T.V "WAIT! " you yell and everyone looks at you and you say "uhh... shouldnt we see what the other tributes got?" "Dont worry i dont think anyone is going to beat your score" Finnick says. "Oh she isn't worried about that she wants to see what her guy from 12 got" He teases. "YES!" You say to yourself. "No! I just want to see what everyone else got" you say yo Nik with your face bright red. You sit and look at all the scores and you remeber anyone with a really high score or a really low score. A red headed girl from 5 names Scarlett got a 9, A boy from 7 with a crippled hand named Maverick only got a 3. A girl named Misty from 11 who looks a lot like you, same dirty blond hair and green eyes got a 8, and her district partner Alec got a 8 also. Now its time for 12. First it shows a pic of a small girl age 12 named Kenna she got only a 2. Then the screen shows the face of a boy with captivating green eyes and dark brown hair. His name Sterling.His score 6. You sigh in releif and Nik laughs at you "Shut up" you say. Six is good, good enough to get sponcers but not good enough to get targetd by careers. You walk away with a smile on your face then you think "Why do i care so much?" As you try to go asleep
  7. Your sitting in a very unconfortable chair as your prep team goes to work on you getting you ready to see Raelyn. It's not as bad as the first time but still long and boring as Bianah,Shelane,And Ri go to work while gossiping there fun and mean well they never stop talking. Finaly they send you out to see Raelyn she is sitting on the couch and gestures you to come sit by her. You sit in relief its first time you really got to relax all day. "So how did the training with Lani and the mentors go?" Raelyn asks. "Fine" you say automaticly and roboticly she looks at you and sightly smirks "Come on, tell me how it really went?" She asks smiling. You let out a small groan " Honestly. It was H3ll it was horrible im am totally stressing out about the interview and i spent literaly a hour argueing with Lani about my posture. Stuff like that has been happening all day. And Im so emotionaly drained right now its not even funny" you say and she looks at you and just smiles "Im sorry I will be sure to make this as easy as I can" She said.Your talking to Raelyn non stop as she gets you ready. "So whats your interview approach?" She ask in a tone of fake seriousness. "A kind girl will a trick up her sleave" you say laughing realizes how stupid that sounds when you say it out loud. "Hmm... I never got interview aproachs each tribute always lie to everyone about there real self. They just seem so fake"Raelyn says intellagently. "This whole thing is fake...beside if you show your true self you will lose that person to capitol" you say looking at Her. Theres a long silience then she says "Okay look" gesturing to a mirror. " Im kinda afriad to look, after last time when you transformed into a fish."She laughs as look in the mirror. Looks never really came to mind before but this is the first time you feel beatiful. Your hair got curled and lighten, You only have a small amount of make up on. Some dark mascara that really makes your green eyes stand out and say LOOK AT ME. The dress is a dark blue tank top dress that goes to the knees and then a see through extention of the dress goes all the way to your ankles and is fitted to your body shape. "You are gonna get some attention tonight wow i am good" Raelyn says.
  8. Your behind the stage, wait for your turn. Your getting kinda bored in a way. You look around and see Sterling giving Keena a pep talk, "that's sweet... FOCUS INDIGO" you think to your self you look at the screen as you see hear the buzzer go off and see Shale exit the stage. "He did good aww crap its my turn" you walk up to the stage and see cesar flickerman sitting and waiting for you, every year he wears a diffrent color theme that he kinda goes all out for. This year its red. Deep blood red. You think of the games and then start to feel sick apparntly it shows cesar looks to you and says "Feeling okay, Indigo?" "Uh... yeah nervous that's all" you say. "So tell me, how does it feel to be one of the youngest competators but have the highest training score?" he says very animatedly "Well I was very suprised myself about my score. And well there are a lot of other great competors to also, but i do feel honored" you say, your palms are sweaty and you are nervous that you are going to say the wrong thing that your true feelings will come out. "So, as a friend tell me, how did you get that score?" He asked you looking into your eyes as if this is just a one on one conversation. "Well I guess we will see" you say and wink at the crowd and the crowd eats it up, cheers and claps fill the area. "FAKE" you think You and Cesar talk about district 4, your family,hobbies. Your lieing about most of them of course. Then he looks and you and says "So how does it feel to have your brother to be in the games with you as well?" you when over this question in the hours of training, your suposed to say something like 'oh sibling rivraly isn't always a bad thing' or 'now I will have a friendly face in the arena' but your sick of faking it. Your sick of lieing. So without really thinking you say in a hasty tone "Well Cesar if its us friends talking then It Sucks. I love my brother, and either way in the games... we are never going to see each other again." There's a weird akward silience and red springs to your face "I really shouldn't of said that" then the buzzer goes off you walk off the stage and Nik is about to get on the stage and he says to you "What the heck Indigo, what is wrong with you people get killed for saying thoose kind of things" you know he is trying to keep you safe but that kind of stung.
  9. TIME FORWARD...KINDA:You wake up in a cold sweat from that same dream you had the day of the reaping. Your wake up shaking, that could happen today. "Rise and shine, today is the day" Lani says in her usual perky tone. You get all dressed and showered but everything is so sureal,your going into the Hunger Games today. Then you go to Raelyn all stiff, like a robot, going through the motions not feeling anything. She gives you the uniforms and you put it on "Ugh, I wish it was more, I wish I could add on to it, to help you" Raelyn says "We all have wishes" you reply as you look to the ground. "But not all of us have hope, you could use that" she says lifting you chin up and you laugh. The peacekeepers come in you give Raelyn a hug as she gives you a thread bracelet "I firgured you could it would remind you of home, It was on your arm when you first came to me" she smiles as your escorted to a vechiel that drives you to the games. You look at the bracelet, Nik gave it to you when you where 7, he said it was moms. This just fills you with the determination to make sure Nik goes home. You owe it to him. Your kinda freaking out, sweating as the peacekeeps shove you into this tube. "Ahhhh!" Your screaming on the indside but have a completely calm face as you rise up and just like that your in the arena. You look around and its grassy and there are trees that are un familar to you, also there's a breathtakingly beautiful mountain. You are looking around seeing everyone, Nik is 5 plates away. Your litsening to the electronic count down "10" your looking for a place to hide, your gameplan was to go run, scout off a spot "7" and the others will stay and fight "5" your shaking your whole body is shaking you try to stop because you know everybodys watching. 3,2.... END OF PART 3
  10. A quick message from Graci (graceface) : I wanted to say how I am super, super, super sorry that this is so late. Summers is busy. But I will try my hardest to get the parts out quicker. I wanted to give a especialy special thanks to: Lucyheartfila,IcyDesighs,MiaIsSilence,Purplecherries,and Natuleegaylee for helping me with the characters without you this part would of never got written, you guys are awesome. And quick shoutout to :Peetasbiggestfan,RaeFace, and Lucyfillaheart for the awesome comments because I wuv Comments. Thanks and Sorry it took so long :)

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