A highschool love story

This is a love story quiz with 3 guys!!! i hope you like it!!! plz plz plz take part 2 and the other parts! which guy will you fall for? O. o you wont know unless you take the quiz!! no one reads these anyways sooooo....

MEW LETTUCE k i am so sorry i ran out of things to say...but look for part 2 please! and also feel free to comment and rate please! and please tell your friends about my quiz!

Created by: XxMewMewNyanxX

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  1. Today is your first day of ninth grade. You are super excited! you put on some galaxy shorts, black converse, and your white short sleeved shirt. you style your awesome green and purple scene hair, put some makeup on, and wait downstairs for your brother so he can drive you to school.
  2. You and your brother get to your highschool. on your way to homeroom, you see some jocks bullying a kid with black hair hanging infront of his eyes, and crystal blue eyes. you feel so bad for him.
  3. you walk into homeroom and sit down. a kid with brown hair and deep brown eyes sits next to you. " hi, i'm ben" you thinks he looks familiar, but you don't know where you know him from. what do you ask him.
  4. you end up saying "hi, im sara. you look familiar. ben says "oh, um you to. did you go to brookfield elementary?" you: "yea i did, wait r u ben smith????" ben says yes, and you give him an eveil look. " you used to hate me!" Ben: " sorry about that, you're actually kinda cute now :)
  5. The kid with black hair hanging infront of his eyes, and crystal blue eyes walks in. " hey! i'm sara!" him: "oh, hi, im um, jake, not like you would care" you wonder why he seems so down and upset.
  6. after homeroom and a few other classes, you have lunch. you get your lunch and find a seat to sit at. you see jake sitting all alone.
  7. "hey jake" jake looks at you with confusion "why are you sitting with me? no one ever sits with me...." you: "oh well, its cause i'm nice?" before jake can say anything, a group of jocks come up to you.
  8. " oh hey guys look! its poor little jakey wakey!" They all laugh. you: "just leave him alone, geez" cute jock with blonde hair and green eyes: " awe look! the pretty little girl is defending him! hey how about you sit with US? You're to cute to sit with this loser"
  9. dan and his crew manage to drive away jake. you try to follow him, but dan grabs your arm. " hey where you going!" you: "OMG let me go!" dan lets go, and move to another table with some girls. you can't find jake or ben..
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!! sorry! part to is coming soon! i promise!
  11. Look for " A highschool love story XxMewMewNyanxX

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