A Doctor Who Love Story Part 4

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Okay, "Big", "Better", and "Fast" don't ever belong in the same sentence! The temporary delay was probably my sudden love for tea (them British folk sure know how to live!)and my music video for history colliding to form a British Tea Song!

So thank you for taking the time to read these dumb paragraphs. I would like to inform you that the result paragraphs were written for another plotline, so ignore them. Furthermore, ignore the fact that there are more Jack moments in this part than in any other, due to the lack of Jack in all other parts. Enjoy my quiz!

Created by: Bookworm123

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  1. Okay, for a bit of experimentation, I have added a song. Here it is for questions 14-16: (.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=VywfSHIdIkk Just get rid of the parentheses and you're good to go!
  2. "You're a... DUCK!" the Doctor yells. Immediately you fall flat on your face. You feel someone grab your wrist. "Come on!" you hear a male voice holler. You get up and run away from the crashes and bangs. Before you go, you see Saxon pull out a gun and shoot. The man turns you to face him. "___, we need to get you out of here," he says. You nod numbly and stumble forward. When you exit the warehouse, the whole thing blows up. The man shields from the blast. You look at the pile of burning cement and wood. Before the man can pull you back, you sprint to the rubble and dig desperately. After a while, you find it hard to continue; your vision is blurring, and whether from smoke or tears, you can't tell which. You blink hard. Yup, its tears.
  3. Now the flood comes out and you're sobbing, gasping for breath even. Not only has the Doctor just died for you, but so has Alex. "Come on," the man says gently. "I'm gonna take you somewhere safe." You ignore him and continue to cry. Seeing that you won't leave of your own accord, the stranger picks you up and carries you. You begin to kick and scream. "They're not dead! I can feel it in my gut! We have to save them!" you shriek. The man tries to keep you still, but you continue to struggle.
  4. "___, calm down. There's nothing you can do for them. I'll come back and help them, but not until you're safe. Alright?" he says, looking into your eyes. You immediately stop thrashing about. You can't think of anything to say, so you start a new conversation. "Who are you?" you ask. He smiles a charming, dazzling white smile. "Jack Harknes." The corners of your mouth lift a bit in an attempt at a smile. You then notice that Jack has been carrying you for quite some time. "I have my own legs," you say. "I can walk for myself." You look up at him. Given the previous drama, you hadn't noticed his slightly ruffled brown hair, his stormy blue eyes, or his American accent. "How would I be keeping you safe if you twist your ankle? I'll carry you the rest of the way." This manages to make you smile. Well, smile and blush. Then you yawn. Jack looks at you. "Go ahead, you'll be fine," he says. You nod appreciatively and use his arm as a pillow. Almost instantly you fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.
  5. (Jack's P.O.V.) She looked so peaceful, just lying there. I could see why the Doctor wanted her safe at all costs. She was perfect. From her gentle smile to her twinkling, starry eyes, it was impossible not to love her. Then I shook my head. What was I thinking? She was mortal; if she got shot in the head, she would die. That was why she couldn't possibly be with me. I looked down at her face and wiped a tear from her cheek. No other girl was quite as exceptional as her. It pained me to watch her cry the way she did. The Doctor said she might be a little over-emotional, but I think he underestimated her. The torment in her eyes nearly ripped my heart in two. ___ stirred in her sleep. I froze, for fear I might wake her. She murmured something and nestled even closer to my chest. My heart was pounding so hard, I thought the sound of it might wake her up.
  6. Never before in my life had I wanted to slap myself so hard. She was off-limits, but if she could do that to me while sleeping, I could only imagine what she could do when awake. At that moment, I decided to screw the rules. If she died, at least she would die with me. Suddenly, I stopped walking. Shockingly, I had reached the house I was looking for in no time at all. I set ___ down on a bed. "Alright," I thought. "Time to save Alex Hays and the Doctor."
  7. (Your P.O.V.) You can see sunlight streaming in through your eyelids. Moaning, you bury your face in the pillow. You don't want to wake up; your so comfy! Someone howls in pain. More curious than anything, you decide to get up and investigate. "Shh, she's still sleeping!" one man whispers. "Sorry, I'll keep my agonizing shrieks to a bare minimum," another whispers sarcastically. The little lightbulb in your head clicks on and you remember the events from yesterday. The first voice was Jack, the second was Alex! Beaming, you burst into a room where a horrible surprise awaits you.
  8. Blood is everywhere. Some patches are dried already, but some are still wet, a lesson you learned the hard way when your bare feet step in a rather large pool of it. You then focus your attention to the people in the room. Alex is getting a nasty burn tended to by Jack. By far the worst, however, is the Doctor. He is lying, unconscious and sickly pale, on a bed. "Don't worry, he won't die," Jack says quickly, noticing how you stare at the Doctor. "Yeah, its mostly just blood loss. He'll be fine," Alex adds, catching on. You don't hear either of them. You just slide down the wall into a sitting position. "I've killed him," you whisper hoarsely. All the color drains from your face. Jack looks at you sympathetically. "I'm sorry, I got there too late. Just be thankful the Master's a poor shot." You look at Jack. "Who is the Master? Why does he want me?" Both Jack and Alex squirm uncomfortably.
  9. Finally, Alex speaks up. "The Master and Saxon are the same guy. According to Jack, he ran for prime minister in 2007. Something happened, and now that year is gone. Somehow, we fell into that year. Jack explained it better," Alex says, looking to Jack for help. "The Master made a paradox machine so that he could kill humans from the past with humans from the future. Me, the Doctor, and a girl named Martha Jones destroyed it, erasing that year. My theory is that a sort of tornado in the time vortex sucked in both the TARDIS and my vortex-manipulator," Jack says, staring out the window the whole time. You had stopped listening when he had said "time vortex." It sounds familiar... But where have you heard it before? Suddenly, the dream from earlier washes over you. The one with the young Doctor. So many things are filling your mind, you wonder why it hasn't exploded yet.
  10. Something hits your face hard. You fall out of your stupor and glare at your slapper. It was... Alex! *fail epic moment! LOL!* He blushes like mad, mutters "Sorry," and sprints out of the room. Jack kneels down to your level. "What happened? You weren't responding," he asks darkly. "I... I think... I just might be... Highly improbable, yes, but possible," you mutter. "What?" Jack pushes. "I'm half Time Lord," you say simply. Jack looks from you to the Doctor. "He's your dad," he says, dumbstruck. You laugh. "Of course not! My dad is... well, was... the Professor. The Doctor was just the first Time Lord child I ever met." You look at the Doctor as you say this. "I'm not leaving him until he wakes up. I trust you know that." Jack nods. "And you won't be anywhere unsupervised until we leave this year. I trust you know that." You giggle.
  11. *Time Forward* Days pass and not a flicker of life comes across the Doctor. You haven't slept in ages and everyone is beginning to worry. *Sam is here, by the way* At midnight, Jack walks in. "Hey," you say. "Hi." An awkward silence fills the room. "Listen, ___, we've been thinking you should take a break. Luckily for you, I know just how," he grins.
  12. He pulls out an iPod and pushes play. Music fills the room. He reaches out his hand. You take it and stand up. Slowly, the two of you begin to sway. Jack smiles. "See? Isn't that nice?" You smile for the first time in days. The two of you get lost in the song. "I will feel a glow just thinking of you, and the way you look tonight," the iPod sings. You quietly chuckle at this. You haven't changed clothes since the dance. Or brushed your hair. Or really done anything to improve your personal hygene. "You really are stunning," Jack compliments. Somehow you manage to stifle a laugh. "I'm dead serious," he says, sounding hurt. You give a real smile. One of those rare things that practically glow. "You should smile more. I think the moon just hid cuz your smile is so bright." You laugh. "I'm not just some blonde you met in a bar. Those cheesy pickup lines won't work on me," you say in a condescending tone. "Darn," he says in mock disappointment.
  13. You stare into his eyes. Stormy, you now realize, is the wrong word. More like a warm, bluish gray. Sort of like the coat he always wears, but living. A tear falls from your eyes. "Are you alright?" Jack asks. You give a chuckle. "I'm fine. Honestly. I'm with you, dancing, dressed in complete rags. I'm healthy, the Doctor's healthy, we're all doing great. So why am I crying?" Jack frowns. "Don't. I don't care why, just don't." A small grin spreads on your face and you nod. "Now what kind of a party is this? Tell you what, I won't cry i you won't talk for a minute," you say, giggling. "Alright," Jack smiles again. You nearly melt. Never have you ever felt so beautiful in your life. It doesn't matter that you look horrid anymore. As long as Jack keeps smiling, you will continue to feel like a princess. The thought of it puts a large grin on your face as you pull closer.
  14. He smiles again as you nearly bury your face in his shirt. You look up at him, lightly blushing. "Beautiful," he whispers. A warm, gentle smile crosses your face as he pushes a hair out of your face. The two of you lean in and kiss as the song ends. You want this moment to last forever. All too soon, however, the two of you break for air. You turn around and see...
  15. Haha cliffhanger! Ignore the results, the things I wrote down were for a different plot altogether! Whovians will understand me when I say: I was wearing a bow tie while I wrote this. And drinking a cuppa. Feeling rather British now! *sticks out pinkie while sipping tea* Anywho, hope you liked it! Who do you like?

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