Which guy is your dream guy?Part 16

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Created by: MayRose

  1. You finally make it back to the mansion.You're very surprised that you made it this far without crashing.Your vision is getting blurry from tears that are being held back.You run into the the house crying your eyes out.The guys all see you and try and confront you but you run to your room and lock the door."_____ what's wrong?What happened?Why are you crying?"Zack says.He's knocking the door."Let us in _____,we only want to help you."Andrew says."Please!"Blaze whines.You can just picture him with a puppy dog face tilting his head to the side."Oh crud,was it Nick!Or Johnson!Or someone like that!"Austin says.They all pause for a moment.Then they bang on the door louder.You silently unlock the door and run to your closet and close the door.The window is open.
  2. You peek through a slight crack in the door.You hear a thud and Zack has broken the door off it's hinges.They immediatly look for you anywhere in the room.Everywhere but your closet.They finally notice the open window and freak out."Where the (insert choice word here)is she!"Zack yells.You giggle a little but cover your mouth.They didn't seem to hear you."Oh crap,you guys,I think she ran away.OMIGOSH!"Andrew says.You start giggling again but the sound is muffled from your hands."You guys know what we gotta do right?"Blaze says."They all nod and stare at Austin.You watch as Austin climbs out the window and then you can't see him anymore.They continue to search for you while you hide.You realize you're not crying anymore.You suddenly see Zack stub his toe against your bed.You couldn't help but stiffle a muffled giggle.Again you giggle but it isn't muffled.You immediatly regret it.All the guys turn there heads in your direction.
  3. They walk over to the closet door,Blaze in front his hand outstretched and he opens the door.They immediatly see you and relief spreads across there face.Zack gets his cell out and calls Austin."Austin,we found her.She was in the closet!I know!She is a master hider,well we heard her laughing so I take it back."He says playfully while looking at you.He hangs up the phone."Tell us why you were crying."Andrew says looking at you with concern."I saw my old best friend-Alex."You say."He moved here a little while ago apparently.I saw him at the park.He wanted my address and decided to call my mom."You pause a moment to see there faces.Andrew had a face of pure horror,Zack was terrified,but Blaze was confused.Suddenly Austin walks in the door.Zack explains to him what they told you so far."Hey guys,I kind of don't get it."Blaze says shrugging."They all think that we kidnapped _____,they have called the police.""Yeah"You say."I ran to my bike as quickly as I could and pedled off.But I saw Alex.He dropped his phone,and dropped to his knees,shocked."You say.
  4. "____ I'm sorry to say this,but you can't leave the house anymore unless one of us are with you."Austin says."I agree."You say."Well I think we should all have a late lunch right now,who agrees?"Andrew says clearly trying to change the subject."I"You and the guys say in unison.Blaze goes downstairs and makes you your favorite lunch (insert favorite lunch here).You all go downstairs and have a quick lunch.You talk about random things,like movies,and ninjas.After lunch Zack finds you and tells you that your date will be today because he has a reservation that was moved to today.You say okay and go get changed.What do you wear?(he says to like Blaze wear sportyish slash fancy.*hint hint*)
  5. He takes you outside to a limo thats painted (insert favorite color here).He opens the door for you.He gets in beside you and closes the door.Instantly your one of your favorite songs appear on the radio.You start singing along and Zack just stares at you.You notice this."You okay?"You ask him."Oh,you just have a beautiful voice."He says.
  6. He pulls up in front of an Italian resteraunt called 'Rosa Bianca'.(look it up on translate).You gasp.This place is breathtaking.He takes your arm and leads you inside where he has a table waiting for the two of you.You sit down and look at the menu.You pick (insert choice) and he picks spaghetti with a special meat sauce."You know I speak some Italian."He tells you."You do?""Yes""Hmm prove it."You say playfully nudging him."Okay, Tu sei la ragazza pií¹ bella e speciale che abbia mai incontrato"He says.You tilt your head."And what does that mean?"You ask."It means that you are the most beautiful and special girl I have ever met."He says.He leans in and kisses you right there.
  7. After you finish your dinner you get up thinking that it was time to go,but Zack still sits down gesturing for you to sit down too.You sit and suddenly a waitress comes up and puts a beautiful Tiramisu Layer Cake on the table.Also a orchestra comes up and plays With or Without You U2.You two seat happily and have your layer cake which btw was amazing!After dinner and dessert,He takes you to a race track for go kart racing.You go to number 13 and he goes to 12.
  8. The man calls 'go' and it's on!You are battling Zack and he's beating you by a little,But you have a plan,you have only been using half of your power the whole time.On the last turn on the final lap you and him are neck and neck."Hey Zack!""Yeah?""EAT MY DUST!"You yell.You speed up and make it to first place with him trailing in second.He gets out of his kart and he helps you out."Man!You totally beat me!"He says giving you a high five."How did ya do it?"He asks."Unlike you,I was only going half my speed!"You say
  9. "NICE!"He yell whispers.He drives you back home.When you get there you say hi to all of the guys and watch a movie at home(this happens alot).You watch 'You Again'(if you haven't seen it don't worry,I won't ruin it for you.).Once the movie ends the guys walk you to your room.They each say goodnight and give you a quick kiss.They leave you and you get ready for bed.You fall asleep INSTANTLY.It's a dreamless sleep.You wake up to someone knocking on your door.
  10. "Come in."You say sleepily.Suddenly a big monkey ballon holding a sign comes in the door.The sign say'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.You burst out laughing.All the guys have life size balloons with them.Austin has the monkey,Blaze has a baby Chick balloon,Andrew has a Butterfly,and Zack has a pretty pink Unicorn!You can't believe it!It's (insert birthday)!It's your brithday!"HAPPY BIRTHDAY _____!"The guys say in unison."_____ we each have a present for you downstairs!"Austin says."Each of our presents has something to do with our dates with you,"Zack says."So come on downstairs!"Blaze says."Now!"Andrew says grinning."Okay Okay!I'm coming!"You say laughing.
  11. They tie a blindfold over your eyes so it would be a surprise.Andrew leads you downstairs while the the other guys are following behind you carrying the life size balloons behind them.You feel someone taking off your blindfold."We are going to present you our presents in backwards alphabetical order,so I go first."Zack says as he leads you outside.He takes you to an object that's covered by a tarp.He pulls it off and its .........the go kart!It's the go kart you used when you beat Zack!Number 13!You squeak with excitment and give him a big hug saying thank you over and over again.If you like him you give him a kiss,if you don't then you hug him again.Blaze finally leads you inside the house to the living room."Okay,remember my date with you to the museum."You say yeah and he takes you to his room.Hanging on the wall was the painting that you said you loved!"OMIGOs---he painting!Thank you so much Blaze!"You say hugging him.If you like him,you give him a kiss,if not you just continue to hug him.
  12. Austin takes you into his room.(remember he wrote you a song,so it's something like that)He gets something out from under his pillow,and gives it to you.You gasp.It's a concert ticket to your favorite band/singer!He also gives you a backstage pass so you can meet them/her/him!You throw your arms around him giving him a big hug."Thank you so much!"You squeak.If you like him,you give him a kiss,if you don't you give him a big bear hug XP.Finally you go downstairs to see Andrew waiting there patiently for you.He looks up at you and grabs your arm and takes you to the back yard.There is a shed there,that can fit a medium sized room.He brings you inside the shed and you can't believe your eyes.There is a stable inside the shed,and there is the beautiful white horse that you and Andrew rode for your date."O MY GOSH!"You say,your eyes nearly popping out of your head.You run up to your new horse and stroke it's long mane.You tackle Andrew in a hug almost making him fall over.If you like him,you kiss him,if you don't,you tackle him again.
  13. You thank all the guys again,and you all have lunch(you skipped breakfast).While having lunch you hear a knock on the door."I'll get it."You say to the guys.You go to answer the door.You open it and what you see surprises you.You didn't think that this would ever happen to you,you are frozen in place from fear and surprise and awwe.There on the front porch is Maya,Rose and.....Alex."____!"He says as he grabs your arm."_____?Who's there?"The guys say in unison from the kitchen."Are those the guys that kidnapped you?"Alex says pointing towards the kitchen."Wait I-"You say but he puts his hand over your mouth."____,who is it?"The guys say entering the room.They freeze.A moment later,Austin steps forward and grabs you from Alex and pulls you back to the group."_____,who's this guy,is he a friend of Nick's?"Andrew says."No,my name is Alex,"He says in a cold voice,narrowing his eyes at The group,who's eyes widen."And i'm taking _____ away from you kidnappers."He says grabbing you back from them."Actually,none of you are taking her."Says a familiar voice.Rose steps infront of Alex."I'm taking _____ back to Nick,so BYE."She says as she grabs you and runs you to her car,and throws you in the trunk before anyone can react.She than drives away.
  14. Okay,Who do you love?Alex still isnt a result and is never gonna be one,sorry he thinks of you like a sister.

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