Which guy is your dream guy?Part 14



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  1. Once you wake up you pick the outfit that you're gonna wear to your date with Blaze(He says wear something fancyish,but also sporty).What do you pick?
  2. You wake up at 4:50 because you know that Blaze will try again to wake up before you to make something special.Once you get downstairs you are surprised to see that someone's already downstairs........Austin.Well he isn't awake,he fell asleep on the couch while watching a replay of criminal minds on dvd.
  3. You walk over and put a blanket over him.You also put a pillow under his head.Fortunately,he doesn't wake up.You turn off the TV and go to the kitchen to get your breakfast.You make yourself and the guys a bunch of blueberry pancakes(all the guys like it,but it's Blaze's favorite).After you finish your breakfast,you go sit down in the single arm chair and watch criminal minds with the volume off with subtitles.
  4. You're still watching Criminal Minds by the time that the rest of the guys roll out of bed.You decide to play yet another prank on them.You pretend to fall asleep in the chair.Apparently,it worked.Blaze came over to you and gave you a long eskimo kiss.While he wasn't looking,you put your arm behind his back.Andrew and Zack see this and start silently laughing.You gently tap Blaze on the shoulder.He turns around,clearly expecting to see one of the guys.You quickly,without any noise,hide behind the chair.Blaze turns around to look back at you.He sees nothing."WHERE DID SHE GO!OMIGOSH!WHERE DID _____ GOOOO!YOU GUYS!WE HAVE TO FIND HER!I THINK NICK CAME BACK AND TOOK HER!"He starts running frantically around the house.By this time Austin woke up from the yelling.He looks alarmed until he saw you behind the chair.Then Zack,Andrew,and Austin all burst out laughing.Blaze runs back in the room and sees you.He immediatly tackles you into a big bear hug."I...can't...breathe!"You yell while laughing.He turns pink from embarrasment.
  5. Austin looks at you,and then to the pillow and blanket.He raises and eyebrow,than gives you one of those amazing smiles of his.The guys all have the breakfast that you made.They all say thanks.Blaze takes you outside to the front porch.He has his hands over your eyes so you can't see.Once he takes his hands off you see a pink golf cart with your name in large hot pink letters.He takes your hand and runs to the golf cart and gives you a little pink tiara.
  6. You put the crown on his head,and start laughing.You quickly take a picture,before he takes it off and say"that's a keeper".He grins,and starts to drive off.He stops at a BIG museum.He leads you inside.You immediatly see the most amazing paintings that you ever saw."____,I want you to show me your favorite painting please."He says.You show him this beautiful painting(you get to imagine it)."Nice choice ____!"He brings you to this little ride that was in the museum.It's the only one there.It's two bungee cords,attached to to chairs that are side by side to each other(it's a big place okay!).He sits down in one chair,gesturing you to sit next to him.You sit and put on the 3 safety seat belts.The ride starts,and you two are flying through the air!You stomach starts doing backflips.You get scared and you hold onto Blaze.He looks at you and gives you a long kiss.
  7. After the kiss,he helps you down from the ride.He takes you to a little deli that was called 'Vanamos'(I made up the title)."____,This place is very special to me.This is my family's deli."You gasp and look around.It's a beautiful little place,He gets a table for you two."Hey ____,"He says poking you're shoulder."That's my younger sister and older brother."He says pointing to a brunette girl and a blonde boy in the back."Hey!Alisa!Jack!Come here!I have someone I want you to meet!"He says to them.The two come make their way over to your table."Who is this?"Alisa says."This is _____."He says."_____ is very pretty."Jack says trying to whisper to Blaze,but ultimatly fails.After the two of you eat,he drives you back in the mini golf cart back to the house.
  8. Once you get back to all of the guys,you all load up in Austin's car.All six of you are going on a search to find and attack Nick(including Royce).They agree not to kill him,cuz that would be hasty.You show them the directions to his house.Once you get there the six of you walk inside.You feel something sting in your ear,but you ignore it.You and Royce walk in first.No one is there.You go to explore.Once you're halfway across the house,you hear a yell."_____,RUN!"It's Austin's voice.You and Royce run to the entrance.He is already out the door,but you stop from a searing pain in your ear.You then hear a loud voice."Well,well,well.If it isn't miss break my arm and nose _____."You shiver.You know who it was.You turn around and see Nick,along with two other guys.You immediatly recognize them.It's Johnson!And Jerry.(Think back to the earlier quizez,when Heathe kidnapped you).
  9. Jerry and Johnson rush to you and hold your arms still before you could even move.Nick limps up and puts a fold over your mouth.There is chemicals in the fold,and you simply fall to the ground unconsious.
  10. When you wake up,you see that your hand are tied in a tight wire.You look around.You gasp!There is all four of the guys.They are all also tied up.Andrew,Austin,Blaze,and Zack all look up at you."_____!Are you okay!"Andrew whispers."I'm fine,how did they get you guys!"You say."He somehow knew that we were coming _____,he had at least twenty people waiting for us here.We didn't have a lot of odds."Austin says."We will get out of here."Blaze says."Notice anyone missing?"Zack says.Your face lights up.Royce escaped."Is ____ awake?"You heard someone say.You looked over and saw Nick coming in again.He had a cast on his arm,and tape on his nose.The guys all laughed at the sight of him and you did too."_____!You really beat him up didn't you!"Zack roars while the others laugh.Nick glares at them.He walks over to you and punches you across the face."Oww!"You yell."Leave her alone!"Zack says in a threatning tone."Or what?You are all tied up,you can't do a thing.All the guys start yelling at him,all except for Austin,who is just sitting there."I swear,uf you lay a hand on her,I will break your other arm and both your legs!"Andrew says,his tone rising."Oh really?"Nick says.He sits down next to you.He puts his good arm around you."DON'T YOU DARE!"Blaze yells.His face is turning a horribly scary shade of red.Mockingly,He turns your face towards him and he gives you another kiss.It was a long dreadful kiss that you were trying to pull away from but he wouldn't let you go.You could here all of the guys yelling at him in the background.You then look away and see that Austin was gone,you look behind Nick,and there he was.
  11. Who do you love?

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