Which guy is your dream guy?Part 15

READ THIS IT IS IMPORTANT IF U R STARMAYA!starmaya you are introduced in this!Dont worry,u rnt evil or anything like tht,or are u?hehehehehehehehehehe,there is also a new boy,but he isnt in the results sorry,he has brown hair,and grey eyes.he is taller than u


Created by: MayRose
  1. He taps Nick's shoulder."What is it Johnson!I'm kinda busy!"He says pulling away from you.His face quickly changes to despair once he sees who it is.Austin quickly punches him in the nose.Nick screams from the pain.His nose starts bleeding instantly.He them stands up and pulls a gun from his pocket,and points it. . . . .you.
  2. The guys all yell NO,but that doesn't stop him.He pulls the trigger,and shoots your arm.You let out a blood curdling scream.You close your eyes,it hurts like crazy."If you move again,i'll shoot her other arm."You hear Nick say coldly."I WILL KILL YOU!YA HEAR ME NICK?YOU'RE EVEN CRAZIER THAN HEATHE!"Andrew yells."Now,me and _____ are going to leave."You shake your head 'no'.He yanks you up by your bad arm,you wince.Austin quietly walks up behind Nick while he isn't looking.He pulls something out from his pocket,pepper spray.Nick turns around holding your arm.Austin immediatly sprays him in the eyes.
  3. Nick screams,and covers his eyes,realising your arm.You fall to the ground landing on your arm,the good one thankfully.Nick falls down against the wall.Austin quickly grabs your arm.He leads you to the entrance."Run back to the house,I'm going to rescue the rest of the guys."He says while untying the wire around your wrist.He turns back and runs inside.You run down the road,clutchig your arm.You stop and look at your hand,its covered with blood."OMIGOSH!"You hear a voice say.
  4. You turn to see a girl that looks about your age(Maya,picture what you look like.).She has longish brunette hair,and awesome green eyes."Are you okay!What happened to your arm!"She says holding up your arm."I was shot,-""YOU WERE SHOT!OMIGOSH!"she yells.She rumages through her pockets.She pulls out a bandage wrap.She wraps it around your arm."I'm taking you to the hospital."She says."TAXI"She yells.A taxi pulls up and she grabs your good arm,and pulls you inside.
  5. Once you're in the cab the girl turns toward you."I know this isn't the time,but Hi i'm Maya!"Maya says waving at you."Hi,i'm _____.Thank you for taking me to the hospital,but I-""No no no,you are going to the hospital,you were shot in the arm for crying out loud!"Maya says.You pull up to the hospital.Maya pays for the cab,and she runs you inside.She runs to the front desk and explains that you have been shot in the arm.The nurse quickly takes you to a room.There she takes off the bandaid wrap,and pulls out the bullet.and quickly cleans your arm.She re-wraps it.
  6. After your arm is all patched up,you go to the front desk to pay.Maya runs you outside again.Instead of a Taxi,She actually has a ride."_____ this is my friend Rose,Rose this is _____."Maya says."Nice to meet you, _____."Rose says.She has longish brunette hair,lighter than Maya's,and hazel eyes.She also has cute seeing glasses.(this is my friend)"Nice to meet you to Rose"You say."Hey ____.Can I see your phone?"Maya says.You say sure.She writes something down in your phone."I put my phone #,and Rose's in here.So we can hang out,or keep in touch."Maya says handing you your phone."Thanks!"You say."Here we are!"Rose says as she pulls up to the mansion."Bye you guys!Thanks you so much!"You say as you leave the car.You enter the mansion.All the guys are there.They got back over an hour ago.You have been with Maya for over 2 hours."_____!We were so worried!"Zack yells.You see that he has a couple of deep cuts on his arms."Where were you?"Andrew says.He has dirt all over him.Austin looks fine,except for the fact that his shirt is ripped up.Blaze has a couple scratches on his face.
  7. "Wait,what happened to you guys though?"You ask."We'll tell you if you tell us."Andrew says.You sigh."Okay."You explain to them about Maya and Rose,and the whole incident."okay"They say,and give you a big group hug."So,what happened to you guys?"You ask."I got free because I had a pocket knife.Once you left,I went back to save Andrew,Zack and Blaze.It turns out that Nick called reinforcements.There was about 4 other people there.One was a 16 year old girl who had long nails."Austin said."I managed to free them,but than she attacked us.We got away,but before we did Zack got ahold of Nick,who is again currently in the hospital.""I totally beat him up!"Zack says while laughing.
  8. "So we came back here.But from things that happened with you in the past,we thought you were trying to pull a prank on us.We have been searching for over an hour."Blaze says.Everyone starts laughing.
  9. "I am so happy to see that you guys are safe."You say.Your phone rings.It's a text from Maya.'DO U WANNA HANG OUT L8ER?-MAYA''SURE,QHAT TIME?'You look at the clock,it's 3:00pm.'HOW ABOUT 3:45PM?''THATS FINE WITH ME'You text."Guys,i'm going to the park later at 3:45."You say."Sure,but don't forget,that our date is tomorrow"Zack says."Thanks."You say.You go upstairs and get ready to go to the park.You put on a cute long sleeve and some jean shorts.You feel like biking,so you get your bike and go to the local park.It's 3:43pm.You sit on the nearest bench.All of a sudden someones hand is over your eyes.You are about to scream,but they put their other hand over your mouth."Guess Who?"You hear a voice say.
  10. "Hey ____!"A famaliar girly voice says.Maya!She takes her hands away and starts laughing at your expression."Maya!GEEZ!You scared me!"You say."Sorry!"She says while lauging.You see that Rose is also there.But you are suddenly distracted by a guy coming toward you.He is calling your name.He has brown hair,with grey eyes.Once he finally catches up to you,he gives you a big bear hug."Alex!"You say when you see his face.He nods.Alex is your best friend from your old town.You have been best buds since you were both 5."What are you doing here?"You ask."I moved here,My mom got a new job here.We didn't know that this was where you lived though!"He says.He pats your bad arm."Owww,"You say."Sorry,what happened to your arm?"He says."Nothing,its fi-""She got shot in the arm"Maya says.You give her a 'what have you done'look."WHAT,SOMEONE SHOT YOU IN THE ARM!WHO DID IT!I'LL KILL THEM!"He yells.Alex has always been like a protective big brother to you.To him,you are his sister that needs protecting."No it's okay Alex!My friend Zack already sent him to the hospital."You say laughing."Oh,so you replaced me."He says childlishly looking down."No.I haven't."You say."Hey where do you live know,wait i'll just call your mom and ask her."He says.You freeze.He starts dialing.You run to your bike,and start pedling.You turn to look at him.He is running after you.Talking on the phone.You see him suddenly stop,and drop his phone to the ground.He drops to his knees.You keep pedling until you can't see him anymore.(You were kidnapped remember?Your mom has been looking for you.She called the cops and everything.Alex talked to your mom about seeing you.*hint hint*)
  11. Who do u love?Alex isn't a result.

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Quiz topic: Which guy is my dream guy?Part 15