~Stay With Me Love Story: part 2~

First off, if you haven't taken part 1, please do right now or you won't get any of this! well, maybe you will, but still. :) Second, I am typing with an iPad, so it is a bit awkward; please forgive my grammar mistakes. third, Thanks for being so patient, everyone, and many thanks for all the support! :3 I have a few people to thank for this series; this one's for you, guys! First is Alexandra_18o, AiFia, and xxblutixx for their feedback, great ideas, and for agreeing to take my quiz! AiFia, you're hilarious and it was because of you that this part is out! You continued to remind me to work on this (not in an annoying way). :) Second is to all of you awesome peeps out there who took part 1, your patience and uplifting comments have helped a ton!

Ok, so now there's several new people: only one new guy is a result and that's Sky, but for part 3, I should have more results (note on SHOULD). Once again, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU to EVERYONE (was that the fourth time?)!

Created by: Flight

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  1. Please read the paragraph at the top, please! I know, it's a lot, but i actually have stuff to say this time! ;) Ok, recap: you were mysteriously knocked out by someone at school; then, you woke up in a strange (yet nice) room. You got up and walked to the door where you hear Eric's voice talking to Andrew, Aaron, and some guy named Will. Right? ALSO: I messed up with Will's looks on the last quiz; he now has black hair and bright blue eyes, and if you got him as a result last time, he's a water elementalist, not fire! kk? And one other thing: if you get Will as a result, he did not train you first (in fact, he was absent); so sorry for the mistake!
  2. You try to stumble back to bed, but before you can, three boys come racing down the hall. The first is Eric, then Aaron and Andrew, and a guy you don't know brings up the rear. "________! You're awake!" Eric says, relieved; he reaches out to hug you, but stops when he sees the look on your face. "Oh...uh...yeah, I guess we should explain first..." Eric says, looking for help at Aaron and the new guy. "Let's all go sit down," says Aaron, "______ must be tired." Andrew just looks at you with concern and worry written in 100 point font all over his face, and the guy you've never seen just stares curiously. He has black hair and sapphire blue eyes.
  3. You all go into your bedroom; you sit in one of the armchairs, Eric on a couch with Will next to him, and Aaron and Andrew take seats on the other couch. "So...uh... _______... I don't really know how to say this, but... guys, help me out here!" Eric pleads to the guys. Aaron sighs and jumps in. "Look, _________... your family is actually descended from a very long and even more ancient line of royals... long ago, in an age not known to any human, there was a race of evil ones... half-humans who want nothing more than to destroy the source of pureness and all good things; some even sacrificed their lives, or died willingly in battle. This source is known as The Core. No one's ever seen it, or has knowledge of where it is now or how it was created. The race was called the Aglaeca, named after the first and most terrible of them all. Aglaeca means demon, monster, fiend, and fierce enemy." Aaron glances at you to see how you're taking all this.
  4. You stare at Aaron with a mixture of disbelief, laughter, and omigod-i-can't-believe-i'm-talking-to-a-person-this-crazy on your face. Aaron takes your silence as a cue to continue. "Anyways, there was also a race that was just like the Aglaeca, but they used their powers and magic for good. The strongest of them stepped up and took the duty as protector of The Core. This eventually became known as the Royals; they were good and noble, and respected their people, unlike the Aglaeca leaders, Abaddon and Adrienne; Abaddon means "chief of demons", and Adrienne means "the dark one". The Royals fought for their lives and the lives of their future succeeders, but they failed. In the end, they were all wiped out. However, the Aglaeca still haven't found the Core, not to this day. They're looking, but the last Royal in line hid it somewhere that we can only guess at."
  5. "And let me guess," you say sarcastically, "you people are part of the secret team who fights these Aglaeca, and you think I am too, is that right?" "Um... yes," Andrew replies. You're shocked. "Uh... WHAT??!! You mean I have, like, what, secret POWERS?" you joke. "Well... yeah," Eric says. "We all do," Aaron adds.
  6. "But you're not just any regular person," Eric says, leaning forward. "You're the most important..." "The last rightful heiress to the throne of Royals... the last one who holds a connection to the Core and the ultimate survival of the entire universe," Andrew says. "That's why you were knocked out. One of the Aglaeca did that, but we found you and got you here in time," Eric says. Will just nods.
  7. "Uh, no, I'm not! I'm not some stupid Royal person, I'm _______, and I'm going home!" you say. You get up and storm out of the room, down the hall, and find the stairs, before any of the guys can react. But you know they'll follow you, so you hurry and try to put as much distance as you can between you and them. Stumbling out of the mansion, you make it about half a mile with the faint shouts of the guys behind you when you hear a strange sound.
  8. You hear a strange sound, like flapping wings and hooves on pavement, and suddenly, you're lifted up so abruptly it's a miracle your lunch didn't come up. The last thing you feel is an iron-hard hand covering your mouth before something sharp stabs you with a pain in your upper right arm; there's a feeling of a cold, icy liquid slowly entering your bloodstream and you- again! -black out.
  9. The NEXT time you wake up, your surroundings are not nearly as nice as the guys' mansion. You're on a thin, dirty matress, on top of a sagging wooden bed frame. The room is tiny, like a cell, with a lopsided table and a chair that you don't dare sit in, it's so spindly and breakable. You cautiously slide out of bed, wincing at a tiny pinprick of pain in your right arm, like you just got a shot from the doctor's. You try and find the door, but there's none.
  10. Suddenly, a section of the wall tumbles down; behind it stands a guy wearing black clothes like a ninja mixed with a modern emo kid's wardrobe contents. His eyes are coppery-red, and seem to be burning. He says nothing, only smiles at you like he knows something you don't. He siezes you by the arm and tows you off. You scream for...
  11. The guy leads you into a giant room, like a ballroom, except no one in his/her right mind would try to dance here. The walls are black as night and decorated with assorted bones, and the thick strip of dark blodd red carpet beneath you leads to a raised platform. On it is a throne, and lounging on the throne is a man a thousand times worse than the guy holding you. (use your own imagination here) When he speaks, it's like a snake hissing. "Hello, ______. I've been waiting for you a long time..."
  12. "Wh-what do you want from me?" you ask. The man smiles as if you just said something cute. "What do I want from you? I want knowledge. Now tell me, and you won't get hurt." Suddenly, a ball of fire blazes past you, landing at the base of the throne, momentarily stunning the weird man. Behind you, four guys burst int othe room, covered in dust and scratches. "______!" Eric cries in relief. The guy holding you steps forward menacingly; a ball of dark energy sparks at his hands, and he prepares to throw it. But Aaron summons a jet of water and douses the guy completely, leaving him sputtering until Eric gestures with his hands and the earth around the guy rises up, forming a cage, trapping the dark guy inside. The guys run to you. "You're alright!" Andrew says, obvious relief in his voice. You just stare at them. At the big double doors, more demons start pouring in. "Hurry," Will says, "we don't have much time!" Aaron nods and whistles a high, piercing note. Nothing happens. Then, a silver pegasus comes flying in, high over the minions, followed closely by a dark silver one, a bronze one, and a pale gray one.
  13. The pegasi land infront of you, and the guys each get on one. _______ pulls you on behind him, and you take off, just as the spot your pegasi was standing on bursts into flame from a fireball thrown by the enemy. You fly towards the ceiling, and just as you think you'll get smashed, a section of the ceiling breaks up and crumbles to pieces at a flick of the hand from Eric, and the four pegasi soar out with the evil king's angry cry echoing behind you.
  14. You are shivering from the shock and the cold. So the guys were right, you think before you fall asleep against ______'s back. The next thing you know, ______ is shaking you awake. "wake up," he says gently. You slide down and see Aaron, Andrew, Eric, Will, three other guys, and two girls.
  15. "_____," Andrew says, "this is Sky, Kenneth, Blaise, Amaya, and-" "Emma!" you say. You rush forward to hug your best friend. "Wait... don't tell me YOU'RE a... whatever?" Emma laughs. "I am. My element is earth, like my brother's." You turn to the others. "What about you guys, then?" you ask. Aaron turns out to be water, like Will, and Andrew is air. The new guys Sky (who is Andrew's twin and looks quite like him except for light blue eyes) is air, Kenneth (golden-brown hair and blue eyes) and Blaise (Kenneth's twin, golden-brown hair and chocolate brown eyes) are fire, and Amaya is water. When you ask why there's so many twins, Emma says, "it's because twins hold more elemental power. The strength of their element is stronger." "_______, we've decided that you should start training now, just in case the Aglaeca plan another little surprise," Will says. "Um... ok," you say. You start training with Emma.
  16. Eric leads you to a quiet clearing surrounded by silver birch and willow trees. The ground is soft and mossy beneath your feet, and flowers bloom along the edges of the clearing. "The first element you'll be learning is Tauros," Eric says. "Tauros has a big part to do with nature. As a Royal, you have the ability to control Tauros, Aristos, Aquos, and Fyros, but you must learn to summon and control them first." Eric sits down cross-legged, and you sit the same way across from him. "First, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Try to match your breathing with that of the earth," Eric advises. Your eyes fly open. "WHAT?! The earth can't breathe," you laugh. Eric smiles. "Yes, it can, if you know how to feel for it. Now, try again." You close your eyes and imagine the earth is breathing beneath you, each breath in rhythm with yours... and suddenly, it is. You open your eyes. "That..." you say shakily, "...is creepy." Eric laughs. "The first step is done; you have felt the earth speak to you. Now feel it again, and this time, try to move that." Eric points at a mound of earth. "Like this." He demonstrates by raising his hands and and clentching his fists. The earth rises up and forms a single hardened boulder. "Whoa... ok..." you say. You feel for the earth's presence again. This time, you send the boulder flying through the air. "Great!" Eric says. "Those are the basics. Usually it takes longer for new learners, but it's easier for you because you can connect with the elements more easily. It's time for you to train with Aaron now. Lessons must be kept short; when night falls, the Aglaeca become more powerful."
  17. Eric leads you further into the forest until you reach a stream. Aaron stands on the bank, playing with a sphere of water. "Oh, hi, guys," he says, lowering his hands. The water splashes back into the stream. "Hey, Aaron," you say. "she's ready for her next lesson," Eric says to Aaron. He nods. "Ok, ______. What do you think of water?"
  18. "Now, try to channel those feelings through your hands. Imagine as if those feelings ARE water," Aaron instructs. You do as you're told, and suddenly, a thin stream of water bursts from your palm; it feels connected to you, alive, like the earth. You lose control and it splatters on the grass. "That was a good start!" Aaron says.
  19. "Like Eric told you earlier, lessons are short today because it's almost dark," Aaron says, nodding at the sinking sun. "I'll take you to Andrew and Sky for your Aristos lesson." You nod and follow him to a hilltop, where Sky and Andrew are waiting. "Hey guys. It's time for her lesson," Aaron says to them. "Great!" says Sky, and Andrew smiles at you.
  20. So you learn how to control the Aristos element with Andrew and Sky, and the Fyros element with Kenneth and Zuko. Which do you like best? (Sorry, running out of ideas; I'm trying to get to the exciting part!)
  21. You're VERY tired from all the training, so you head to your room, take a shower and all, then fall asleep the minute your head hits the pillow. However, your peaceful sleep is interrupted by a dream. There is a guy standing next to you, turned so you can't see his face. Surrounding the two of you is a whole army of Aglaeca. What do I do?! you think, panicking. You turn to ask the boy, when suddenly, the voice of the dark man from before rings through the air: "Come with me, or lose your precious friend!" "NO!" you shout. The ring of Aglaeca move in closer, spears and swords and arrows poised to kill. You start as you feel a hand on your arm, but it's only the guy; his head is still turned away, so you can't see who he is. "______, it's ok. You're too special, too valuable for them to get," he says. He sighs. "Just... remember me, okay? Tell the others that I coudln't have asked for any better friends to fight at my side. And... remember that... I'll always love you." He takes a deep breath and tries to let go of your arm, but you won't let him. "NO! You... you can't!!!!" you scream, tears coursing waterfalls down your cheeks. "_____, I have to," he says gently, "If I die, it's all for you, because I love you and I want you to live." He tugs away and steps forward. The voice from the man chuckles. "Very well. You have chosen. TAKE HIM." The army surges forward, advancing on the mysterious boy, who does one last thing to save your life: he gestures with his hand, and the earth engulfs you, pulling you deep down, taking you safely back to whereever you came from.
  22. You wake up screaming, tears actually leaking out the corners of your eyes. After a while, you quiet down and realize none of the guys came to see what was wrong. Where were they? Shakily, still haunted by the nightmare, you get out of bed and go downstairs to the kitchen. The scene surprises you: Zuko is pacing the kitchen, actually leaving small traces of smoke where he treads the most. Aaron stis typing furiously on a laptop, his brow furrowed in concentration. Andrew and Sky are at the big window, which you see is broken; they are talking and pointing outside. Will leans closely over Aaron, scanning whatever is on the screen. Kenneth stis across from them, fists clenching and unclenching, breathing deeply but looking angry. Amaya and Emma sit next to eachother at the table, both crying and holding eachother. You realize someone is missing: Eric. "Hey..." you say, but it comes out as a croak. The guys all look up. "Oh... hi," Aaron says, looking at you in concern. "Um... how are you," Andrew asks listlessly. "Did you sleep well?" Will questions while still looking at the laptop. The other guys just nod at you and each muster up as big a smile as they can; you can tell they're making an effort to be nice to you because something is clearly wrong. "Where's... where's Eric?" you ask weakly. Everyone looks at eachother, then avoiding gazes. Emma gets up and rushes over, hugging you tightly and wordlessly. Amaya walks over and gives the two of you a sort of half-hug. Finally, Zuko looks up and meets your (insert eye color here) gaze with his brilliant amber one that, yesterday, were vibrant and bright, but now seem washed out and pale. Eric's gone," he says, taking a deep breath. "The Aglaeca came and took him in the night."
  23. "WHAT?!?!" you say. "But... But how..." And then it hits you: it was him. The boy in your dream... Was Eric. You cross over to the table and sit. After putting your head in your hands for a moment, you suddenly raise your head, startling all the guys, who were watching you closely with concern. "We're going to get him back," you say, your voice hard as a rock. "And that guy... The one who was on the throne last time... No one else touches him. He's mine." You slam your fist down on the table, causing it to shake violently but not breaking, startling everyone once again. The guys nod meekly, shocked by your sudden change in attitude. As everyone hurries around the house getting supplies, weapons, and necessities together, you walk outside and crouch down. Numbly, you place your hand on the earth, and ask for it to wake. it does. You raise a small lump out of the ground, then crush it into a hardened ball of dirt and rock. cClenching your fist even tighter, you break the ball, crushing it into a sand-like substance. it runs through your hands, blowing away with the wind. Slowly looking up and out across the hills behind the mansion, you whisper, "Eric... We're coming." Then, even softer, to yourself, you say, "I'm coming."

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